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Pregnant on the pill? Rss

HI !!!!,

Well, Im back! Things have still been quite crazy around here, but we are slowly getting back to normal.
Our wedding and honeymoon were amazing! We were well and truly blessed to get a day like we did for our wedding, and I can honestly say that it couldnt have gone any better smile. Our honeymoon was great! Very exhausting, but fun none the less. The kids had a great time, and I shopped up a storm! Glad to be home though.
Oooo, your scan is this week!! How exciting! I have mine booked in on the 3rd November, so still a fortnight away. I cant wait! I hope yours goes well and bubs co operates tongue.
Im starting to feel random little movements, wich is nice. Ive been feeling pretty good. Have been having a few dizzy spells, turns out my iron is low, but nothing major.
How is everything else in your world?? Wonderful I hope. Take care, and good luck with your scan!!


Hi Kylie

Im glad to hear the wedding/honeymoon went well!!! I have my scan tomorrow morning, cant wait!Will hopefully find out the sex of the baby! Have only felt very little movements since friday last week! Do you think leaning over in the car from drivers seat to get something out of the glovebox could harm the baby, i am beginning to get worried!(probably sounds stupid but i stress over every little thing!! At least i will be reassured tomorrow! Do you feel bub move around alot?I feel a bit like that too some days should get my iron tested again! Everything else is ok here except dp insists on goin to tassie next year, overheard him talkin to one of his mates, he said he will go without us even if i dont want to go,(but would rather not) he doesnt want to miss the opportunity! It really hurts knowing he would even consider moving on his own!I really want to see how im coping with 4 kids before i can think about moving! My older 2 kids are very challenging at times- one has mild autism and the other has adhd and oppositional defiance disorder. So i really need family support which my partner doesnt understand!!!!


Hi everyone, I was on the pill also but had run out and just hadnt got round to getting more!! oops, found out a month later that yep, i was preggers. Suspected i was, as spending a few hours with my head in the toiet isnt what i usually do! however even tho this is a surprise baby, my partner and i are very excited smile

Hi kylie, how are you? Had my ultrasound and the baby is doing great! We found out the sex of the baby but have decided not to tell anyone til the birth! Feeling more movements the last couple of days!have got a couple of names picked out! Do you like Ashley or Aiden for a boy and Jemma/Amy for a girl? Im getting nervous bout the delivery though cos i know there is more risks this time around! When is your next scan booked in for? Did you read my last post? Hope your going well with work and everything. Take care and chat soon!


Hi! Im sorry Ive been a bit slack lately, but I have been abit unwell, and have been trying to take it fairly easy. The dizziness I was talking about?? Well, it turns out I had/have an infection, went and saw a midwife who picked it up, as I didnt feel quite right. I have been having alot of headaches also, my blood pressure is too high and I have protein in my urine. Wich in turn means that I have to be monitored more closley. It may juat be a side affect form the infection, but they wont know until it has cleared up. Back to the doc this thurs. Aside from that, all is well, we are still trying to catch up from the holiday, but we will get there smile
Glad to hear your scan went well! How exciting! I have also been getting a few movements, its great! I love the names for the boys, not too keen on the girls names, bt I love ashleigh for a girl also! Me and DH have done our list, ( I think!) I may change my mind before the bubs gets here! Have scan next week, but am trying to get it earlie as I will be busy.
Great hearing from you! I will rty to not be so neglectful next time! Take czre and I will chat to you soon smile

Hi Kylie, how are you feeling now i hope you are well. I had a checkup last week and i have low blood pressure, thats explains the lightheadness and could be low on iron too. hope your scan goes well are finding out the sex of the baby?
i think i will go with ashley james for a boy and maybe jessica/ruby if its a girl. cant believe im over half way its goin way too quick! whereabouts do you live? i live in geelong vic! Please let me know how your scan goes!! Take care and talk soon.


Hi! I am going ok. I have had a few health issues of late, but hopefully things will get better soon. Low blood pressure, bugger, I have high blood pressure! Thats why Im getting headaches! The things we do for babies huh!!?? tongue
I had my scan last week, everything is great! Didnt find out the sex, wich Im pleased we didnt. Got some great shots of bub! was kicking all over the place!
I am getting alot of kicking now, especially at night, its very reassuring, and I had forgotten how amazing it feels!
Those names are lovely! We have a short list, but no definates yet, we like to see the bubs first, see what suits.
Im in NSW, country town calles Narrabri. Not very big, but I like none the less, great place for raising kids smile
Talk abuot going too quick!! I am 20 weeks tomorrow! It has flown buy. Have you got bubs room or anything organised yet? Im just starting to go through our stuff and see what we need.
How are you feeling, is it hot where you are yet? weve had a fari bit of hot weather! grrr, not much fun.
Glad to hear from you!! smile

hi everyone i have not been on foe awhile but do read all posts on my email. my 3 kids, Im loving your names. i have ashley as boy age 13 and he was very nearly ashley james but in hospital i had a thought and changed mind as i not sure if it would get shortened to A.J. which i didnt like so he got Ashley Logan.still like ashley james better! LOL!Im desperate for Ruby if ours a girl but hubby says no way!. low blood pressure makes you feel so lethargic so take care of yourself! Scan say all well for us and half way also! Does anyone know why the midwives/specialists etc ask you wether you on pill or not. if risk of abnormalities what types occur and would these be picked up in scans by now???? im a worrywart i know but no one tells you straight up the facts.all well apart from us all still being in denial that we need a people mover or similar to transport our family come march!! take care all Kay
Hi kylie, I hope you are feeling better!im glad your scan went well! Im feeling alot more kicks during the day and at nite too, dp hasnt been interested in feeling it this time!! im still feeling very tired and dizzy on/off, seeing gp about it next tues! We have ordered the bunks for the boys room so once we get those, my partners goin to paint out there room then we can settle them in together and set up the babys room! ill probably sort everything out over the xmas hols! I have got a few things i need to buy for bubs otherwise im doin ok. Have been givin alot of baby clothes that are unisex! it is starting to warm up here too, not looking forward to being heavily pregnant over summer, r u? My kids are really givin me a hard time at the moment my 8 yr old drew on her wall when she is meant to be in bed. Im just concerned the stress from the kids is no good for the baby! Im struggling with their behaviour at the moment! My dp is goin to tassie for 4 days in 3 wks time which is goin to make it harder for me. How do u get the lilypie ticker up?


Hi Kay, cant believe i chose the same name that u had for your little boy! How old are kids and do u know what sex this baby is? when are you actually due? I hope my blood pressure goes back to normal soon. im not sure why they would ask you that my docs never really never asked me. I wouldnt worry too much cos youve had your scan and if alls well you can relax and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy!!! I know what you mean about buying another car, im not sure what to buy and really dont want to get rid of the car we have but i know we have too eventually! My partner has a six seater that is very old, and thought we could drive that on weekends/school hols and i could still use my car when the older kids are at school. take care and chat again soon!


hi again to my 3 kids.our kids will be 14, 8 and 4 in march when no. 4 due. we have an old crusty 1990 toyota hilux on our farm with a bench seat in front which we will be using by the looks of the mo my bro in law has it and ours is 2005 model so we swapping!im not too happy bout that! despite my apprehension about no air con etc my hubby did point out as the oldest vehicle on our farm it would also be the next to be replaced so there was slight method to his madness! with our oldest being still a yr off driving age and we out in country im praying they dont up the age before he gets to 15 as that will be wonderful help and we may not need 6 seats for that long once he has that inderpendence. even at nearly 14 we are not very cool to hang with now!!take care all. summer babies not too bad for me. i love the heat( such as it is down south island). last baby also was due in march and by time xmas and new year over then busy with school hols then kids back to school in early feb it sped by! Kay
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