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Pregnant on the pill? Rss

Hi stressed mum,

congratulations on having twins how exciting! Are going to find out the sex of the babies! I had my 13 wk scan today it feels more real now ive seen bub and for dp too!! He wants to find out in 6 wks time what we are having but i want to wait til the birth!! take care and good luck with the rest of your pregancy!!!



Hi Kylie,

How are you? Im still feeling nauseous around food! had my 13 wk scan today, it feels more real now that ive seen bub and for dp too!! It was movin around alot while the lady was trying to measure the baby!!!everything looks good, im actually excited now we are having another baby but nervous at the same time because its going to be my 4th c-section. Hoping there are no complications. Have decided to see the midwives clinic but i think maybe i should see an ob! Who are you going to see through your pregnancy! dp wants to find out what we are having at the next ultrasound, i would rather wait til its born! Are you going to find out what youre having! Dp still wants to move to Tassie but he is going to wait til bub is born! He thinks we can all move over about a month afterwards (I dont think so)!!! ive told him i dont want to go at all but he's going with/without us so what do i do!!!! Dont want to move with a newborn!!! Take care and talk soon!


Hi smile

Im sorry ive neglected this post latley, as Im in super wedding mode! Trying to get everything finalised now that Im feeling better. Aside from that, I am great! No more throwing up!! Have been good for a bit over a week now. So glad its over.
Congrats on your scan! How nice to see bubby. I have mine on thursday and cant wait. I do however, maybe have glandular fever.....wich is what the bloods were for a couple of weeks ago. Its not full blown, but the results indicate that Ive had it before and that its trying to come back. So, I am on antibiotics to try and clear it up before it gets bad.
Glad to hear all is well and that bubs looked good. I think its natural to be scared with a c section, but I guess you just gotta trust your doc. The lady that took my blood said her sister has had 6 and has just found a doc that will let her try a vbac!!
Im just having my doc look after me throughout the pregnancy, he is great. I only strated seeing him recently as he is the best in town for babies.
I have been thinking about finding out this time, we didnt with our othre 2, but I think I might like to this time around. I dont think DF will go for it though, will wait and talk about it when its closer.
Sorry to here about the move, your sort of in a hard spot arent you? I hope it gets sorted, and that evryone is happy with it. But, moving with a newborn wouldnt be much fun sad.

Must be off, am working tonight. Take care and I'll chat soon smile


snap. we had decided the same. 3 kids enough.whoops . no. 4 due march 2010. our kids will be 14, 8 and 4 so similar to yours. not looking forward to coping with teenage angst however while sleep deprived!!!!
i'm wondering if I am too, I took some anitbiotics almost 3 weeks ago and had a little bit of with drawl bleeding (i think) when I started them. Have been using secondary protection but what if you had sex the night before you start you antibiotic becuase can't sperm live for somethine like 3 - 5 days in the uterus with out an egg? Any my AF was due today at the latest and nothing. I've been feeling nauseous, tired and sorta bloated down below ( not like when AF's coming) along with a thew other clues that are a bit TMI. I feel like I could well be will get test by saturday if still nothing as this is when i'm meant to start taking the medicated pill again. Also I read somewhere that 8% of women on the pill will become pregnant while on it, they recon thats like 1 in 12.
hey blabla, have you taken test? sounds like you might be. we now 15 weeks pregnant and still getting our heads round it. 4 kids means not enough room in car, bedrooms or even space round our dining table. husband not able to think to help sort of these issues out as not there yet in his head if you get what i mean. i guess i need to be patient. plenty of time to go i guess!
hey mum23ratbags. we moved house (albiet only within nz) when no. 2 was 3 weeks old. 2 weeks prior to having whole family here for xmas. not advisable! move ok but xmas day hubby and i had huge row and totally because of build up of stress and lack of sleep. if you do move with new baby heres some tips. 1. Pack as much as you realistically can before baby comes. 2. accept all offers of help.however this is not totally the baby care as this my mistake and i just wanted people to do practical stuff so i could attend bubs but didnt let people know that.3.make hubby or someone else you can rely on deal with practical things like insurance etc as sleep deprived baby brain not good with this stuff!keep relaxed about it and think if you have to do it you have to and just get on with it!
Hi All,

Thought i would come in and sharemy story as i got my positive on Friday and was on the pill......i just knew for some reason that i was though and on Friday they got the results mixed up and told me negative rang back 10 mins later after i was a lil shoked and said positive!!

Im scared but getting more and more excited me and my partner are in a good situation but we would of preferred to wait as we getting a house built which wont be finished for at least 3-4 mths after bubble is born..................anyway i think im 5 wks from my calculations but drwill confirm that today hopefully!! =)

Hi Kylie,

How are you? How are your wedding plans going? Sorry to hear u had a scare with the box falling on you! Im glad everything is ok though! Could you please tell me what sex the baby is or you dont want anyone to know! I have decided to find out in 3 weeks time what sex the bub is! Will let u know but we arent telling family/friends! Im 16 wks pregnant now and starting to feel little movements which is great. I love that part of being pregnant!!! take care and good luck with the wedding! talk again soon!!!


Hi there!

Was starting to wonder where you had got to. well, the wedding plans are all but done, as the wedding is on saturday!!! Ive been super busy, rushing around making sure everything is right. Ill be pleased when I can relax again!
Other than the madness, everything has been going well. Had no more cramps, and evrything seems to be going along nicely. I have had a bit more nausea, wich is a pain as I thought it had gone. Have got a very big belly, much bigger than it should be at this stage, but the doc said its fine, and to ask the people who comment on it, when are they due!!Hmmmmmmmm, dont really want to say to much in regards to the sex, as it may not be right! If we decide to find out at the next scan, Ill fill you in then. But at the moment, DP doesnt want to sad. But, we shall see, I might be able to make him change his mind ;p.
How exciting are the movements!!?? Ive only sort of got like a few bubbles, Im only 15 w 1 d, so its nice to feel it this early. How is evrything with you? bubs, the family, and the big move??? I hope it is all going well for you. I cant beleive how far we are!! Its gone so quick for me!
I may not get back on until we come home from our honeymoon, so I will talk to you then.

take care smile

Well i was on the pill for 5 years straight took it everyday same time everyday too. Doctor said i was 'too fertile' which i dont understand as i was on it for so long, but you can also fall preg from having the runs on the pill cos it takes everything out your system, but hey who would change a thing? i know i wouldnt with my beautiful baby boy

Hi Kylie

How did your wedding/honeymoon go? Hope u had a lovely time and everything went smoothly!!! Have my scan on the 29th of oct,cant wait! My son went to sit on my lap and bumped my stomach was a bit worried as i was getting a few niggling pains but i think its very cushioned in there! The kids are great and im trying not to stress about the move for now!yeah i cant believe how quick its going too im almost 18wks already!will let you know how the ultrasound goes! take care and chat again soon.



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