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Pregnant on the pill? Rss

Hi, my hubby and i werent planning on having any more kids. we have 3 beautiful kids. I forgot to take a couple of pills a few weeks ago, now i find out i am 5 wks pregnant!! didnt think i could fall preggars, big shock. Has anyone else fallen preggars while takin the pill?


Yup, my DS was conceived this way... but he was a beautiful surprise!
i went away and forgot to take my pill with me... oops smile

Yup my cousin either forgot or wasn't informed of the 7 day rule when it comes to antibiotics. Ooops smile

Love my boys M-10/05/08 J-01/12/09

Posted by: mum23ratbags
Hi, my hubby and i werent planning on having any more kids. we have 3 beautiful kids. I forgot to take a couple of pills a few weeks ago, now i find out i am 5 wks pregnant!! didnt think i could fall preggars, big shock. Has anyone else fallen preggars while takin the pill?

Hi, congrats on the pregnancy. I found out yesterday that I am pregnant with my 3rd. I was on the pill, but had a slip up with anti biotics, and, well, here I am! My DF and I had decided we were done having kids too, he is struggling a bit at the moment, but we will get through it. I just cant beleive that it can hapan so easily, especially when I knew that most anti biotics affect your pill????

Hi Baylil, Congrats, My hubby wasnt that thrilled either he was actually talking about abortion and i said i wouldnt do it. I couldnt have an abortion unless there was a medical reason why i couldnt go ahead with it. This will be my 4th c-section! MY kids are aged 10, 8 and 4yrs( 2 boys and 1 girl) how old are your kids and when is the new bub due? I hope df comes around soon!


Hi! Thankyou smile. DF hasnt said the word "abortion", but he has said that he doesnt want to do it again......Im hopefull though, today he is uch better, and has said that he's not happy bout it, but in a sort of accepting way IYKWIM? I could never terminate either, no way, unless like you said, a medical reason. I had one natural and one cesear, both pregnancies were quite rough, so here's hoping that this one is different smile. My 2 girls are 4 and 2 1/2.
Im not sure of dates yet, as I have an awful cycle, and have just recently been diagnosed with PCOS ( go figure tongue), but my last preiod started on the 7th June. One of the lovely ladies on here calculated and said it should make me around 6 weeks 4 days?? I have a dating scan on tuesday, so hopefully will know then.
How far along are you?? How are you feeling? So far, I feel relatively normal, although I have had a noticable change in the size of my boobs! that, and frequent trips to the loo! fingers crossed I stay feeling this good!

Hi Baylil,
Thats good your df is getting used to the idea, it would be nice if you had a boy this time! I am 6 wks pregnant and edd is 20th march 2010. I actually feel ok except im really tired.and sore boobs. I have a cold at the moment do you know what you can take that is safe during pregnancy? I reckon my tummy has grown already but it seems to pop out after i eat, so it may be due to bloating. What do you think? I hope you dont get Ms too bad!Good luck with your scan and let me know how you go! Talk soon!!



Yeah, Im pleased he has calmed down abit, but I guess time will tell... A boy would be nice, but agirl would be too! Im not fussy tongue, although I dont think Id know what to do with a boy tongue. I haven't got any MS, but I didnt really get any with my other 2 pregnancies, so fingers crossed it stays away. OMG, sore boobs! Me too, just today really, they are sooooo sore! And have grown over night! ( wich isnt wonderful, as I am quite large chested already sad) Im a little tired, but no more than my usual, I dont think?? My tummy has grown, I tend to show early. So it is quite possible that its not just bloating, and it is the actual baby smile, I think anyway. I used to say that people could tell I was pregnant as soon as conception, as I just seem to pop! Ah well, here's hoping I can keep up the excercise program I am on, and not gain too much.
Im getting excited about my scan, I wish it would just be tuesday already! I will definatly lt you know how I get on, and good luck for yours aswell, I cant wait to hear how it is all going for you!

hi, congratulations!
im 19 and had been on the pill for 2.5 years with the same partner when i found out iwas pregnant. took it religiously ever day and had nt been on any medication..i guess these things just i couldnt be happier, my fianceand i are so excited to meet our little treasure!


Hi baylil,

How r u? How did your scan go? Sorry i havent been on for awhile. My partner has finally accepted that we are goin to have another baby!! Im starting to feel sick while cooking certain foods. Cant eat much at dinner time! I know its my 4th pregnancy but do u reckon havin sex(orgasm) in early pregnancy can harm the baby/or cause miscarriage? Im just really worried this time that somethin is gonna go wrong! Didnt have these worries with the others! Take care and talk again soon!


Hi! Was wondering how you were! Im pleased to say that my DF has come around too! He is being so amazing about it all now, I definatly didnt expect it! Im glad to hear your hubby has accepted it also. Makes tings so much easier smile. Im hearing you on the sick part! I was never this nauseas with my first 2. And the smells! Half the time thats why I am sick, I can bloody smell everything a mile away! I dont think having sex can do any harm, unless you have a bleed, or any other complication. If your worried, just take it easy for a while smile, but dont quote me on that, its just what I would do. I think its normal to worry, but this time for me, Ive been too busy to really think about it too much. My scan was ok, it was too early to see anything, but it was all in the right spot. I am 6 weeks 4 days, today. Will go back for the 12 week one, and hopefully will see more. But Im definatly growing!! And and absolutly ravenous, which doesnt really help with the sickness tongue.
Glad to hear from you, hope evreything keeps gping well for you! smile

Hi Baylil,

How are you? Im feeling nauseous all the time now, cant eat meat! this lasted through the whole pregnancy with all 3 kids! not lookin forward to the next 7 mths. But i have to keep thinkin it will be worth it in the end! Found out on the weekend, hubby has been offered a job in tassie, they want him over there at xmas but i want to have the baby here(geelong) we have all family here so i really dont want to move! i will really need the support once bub arrives! Dont know what to do! let me know what you think, thanx!!!


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