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Pregnant with twins Lock Rss

Hi girls,

I have just found out I am having twins... They are due first week in January but apparently I will be induced at around 37 - 38 weeks.

I also have a 2 1/2 year old little girl & a 12 month old little girl at home... what am I going to do?!

Is there anyone else in a similar situation?

Love Anna

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hi there,

I have never quite been in your situation im 18, married with a 17 month old living in pretty much a one bedroom place. I do how ever know what its like to struggle. I don't know what your religous beliefs are but im a christian and so I believe that god will never give us more then we can handle, so even when this are tough I push through and they do become better again. I'm sure things will also work out for you somehow or anouther I wish I could do more for people in tough situations with young children. Me and my partner once hes finished studying and has a job we plan on starting up a charity to help perants with under 5's in tough situations by giving them things they will need for there young ones that just don't come very cheap like furniture, clothes, ect.
Not had twins but I wanted to wish you luck. I have friends who have twins after 'single' children and it worked out fine, but I understand it takes a little 'organisation' and help!

Hope that everything works out for you
I am in a similar situation, except I only have 1 child at the moment.

I am 21 weeks pregnant with twins and when they arrive I will have 3 children under 16months!.

I am not all the religious, but I do believe that you are never given more then you can handle.
Sure there will be tough times ahead but no one said life was ment to be easy smile

Best of luck with your pregnancy, once you are over the inital shock (I was in shock for a long time) you will start to realise that everything is ment to be.

Also I keep telling myself that I am extremly lucky to be having 2 babies at once, as some poeple can't even fall pregnant with 1.
I have just found out that I am pregnant, as far as I know there is only one. My son will be 16months when this one is born, and I am freaking out about that! But have to agree with pp and think that it all is meant to be and you are given what you can cope with.
Good luck with it all and hope you have a very helpful hubby.
Oh wow alanap - 3 under 16 months! Thats amazing! You will definately be busy. I am slowly coming to terms with it all now! & yes i agree that we are lucky to have precious babies at once. Its nice to others are in the same position, it makes me feel better knowing others are also going through what I am. And its great to hear positive attitudes!! THanks girls smile

Ella: 2 years Eden: 1 year


im alana and i 2 am pregnant with (fraternal) twins lol my EDD is oct 27th but have been told that ill be induced at 38wks (if i make i that far lol) so they should be here by the 13th smile i wasnt overly shocked when i found out as my mum is a twin so i pretty much was expecting it lol

i also have 1 DD already who will be just under 30 months when they are born

i have found out thata 1 is definately a boy but the other one was a bit shy and wouldnt give the sonographer a decent look lol i have another scan booked in in 4 wks so hopefully we will find out for sure then smile

do you know if they are indentical or fraternal?
hi we are also 23 weeks preg with fraternal twins due 2nd nov and when they born we will have 3 under 1 plus a 13 8 nd 20 year old lol
Hi guys, congrats about your pregnancies!! Very exciting. I am not pregnant but one of my best friends is with fraternal twins. She is only about 10 weeks now (so due Jan sometime)but as you know how quick things go, she wants to get organised now. I am trying to get her convinced to get on here, but we never seem to have any time to get on. Hopefully she can come in here (even if it's in my name) and chat to you guys about it. Or I ask things for her. Is that ok?? Good luck!! xx

My friend is also a twin herself. Lol. Now her sis doesn't want kids in case she ends up with more than one at once. Lol.
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currently 30 weeks pregnant with twins, first children too. goodluck
I'm not pregnant with twins but i've had twins..
Congrats on all your women pregnant with twins.. How exciting
If anyone has any questions feel free to ask me. smile
Hi Ladies, hoping someone in here will be able to answer a few questions i have.
I found out last wednesday that we are expecting identical twins, this is my third pregnancy i have 2 ds 3yrs and 1yr.
Both pregnancies were pretty standard (although overdue).
After my scan last week they booked me in for a futher 3 scans all 2wks apart, i was told this wil continue until 24wks. I then had my midwife appointment on friday, she has given me the referals for each of the scans but feels they are excessive and not really needed. Im also being referred to a specialist as standard proceedure. I know that identical twins are a high risk due to the shared placenta, but would really like to hear of other peoples experiences.
By the way im in NZ.
Thanks alot.

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