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I Dont feel pregnant Rss

Hi all,

Im currently about 8weeks 4days pregnant with my third child i had bad nausea with my first son and vommiting with my 2nd son but this time all I feel is tired and nothing else. Is this normal Because im not convinced im pregnant even though iv had a few positve tests. Hoping for a girl this time smile
[Edited on 24/06/2009]

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Hi, I was the same..
We had a dating scan last week and we're only about 5 weeks, but I find that as soon as I have a scan, something switches on in my head and I start getting the all day sickness! ARGH!!

I've had sore boobs for a while and feel really flat and tired too.

Have you had a scan at all? If you haven't maybe ask for one, just to set your mind at ease?

No I havnt had a scan yet got one when im 12 weeks but it feels like such a long wait. I dont wanna feel like im hasseling my midwife

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