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Was your Belly bigger with supsequent pregnancies?? Lock Rss

Hi there. I'm 6 weeks 5 days preg with #2, and at my dr's check up yesterday he felt my belly and asked me if my dates of LMP (last Menstral Period) were correct. I said I was dead cirtain of my dates. Dr then said "am I sure?

He sending me for an ultrasound tomorrow morning cause dr say's either my dates are wrong or I've got twins!

My question is . . .. Isn't our uterus naturally 'bigger' with bub number 2, 3 ect.????? What do people think?

Sorry ladies but I just need to get it our cause secretly I'm confused as to why dr would say i might have twins just by feeling my belly, I'm scared, upset, ect.

can you ladies tell me if your belly's are/were bigger with each pregnancy.

Thank you for reading,
M xx
I definately started showing alot earlier with this pregnancy (number 2) With my first you couldn't tell i was pregnant until 5 months but this one was much earlier.... My obs said it was due to this being my second as muscle's are already stretched and anyways each pregnancy is different.... He shouldnt say that but good luck with everything

#2 arrived 1 week early and very fast

I think i'm kind of in the same boat as you. I am quite big now that I ma preggers with #2. Before falling pregnant with this one I was going to the gym so not really over weight. I am abit over work mates questioning me if there is 2 or 3 in there (now you can just picture my belly)

I am 11 weeks and 4 days. I went to the dr today and he heard one heart bet but said to early for him to tell if twins, but I am having a scan for something else but that will tell me if 1 or 2 growing.

But I think yes you do show alot earlier with 2nd pregnancy, and it may all depend on how long ago you gave birth to your first, my was almost 2 yrs since she entered the world so I guess I thought things would have gone back to normal, bit i guess not. I wouldn't worry to much as long as you are looking after yourself, have a scan and that will ease your mind.

Good luck keep us updated.

mummy of 2 girls

hi, congratulations and good luck with everything. with my first i was showing by around 4-5 months and i put on 23 kilo. with my second i didnt show until atleast 6 months and stayed tiny i gained 10 kilo and weighed 57 at birth she was 4 days early my first was 4 weeks early .also there had only been 12months from my first till i fell preg again .

Yep i've just started looking obviously pregnant yet at 14 weeks with DD I was still wearing bikinis with a nice, flat tummy. You're already stretched after having number one so you show quicker but if he is sending you for a scan he may just be right and you may be having twins.
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