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Raspberry leaf tea???? Lock Rss

Hi ladies, Has anybody ever used raspberry leaf tea and if so what effects did it have on you and when did you start taking it? How much did you drink and did it speed up your labour??? All answers are welcome.
Yep massive raspberry leaf tea advocate here:) Used it for both of my children and currently for this little man as well.
Both of my two were born at 39 weeks spontaneous vaginal deliveries i wouldnt say the labours were quicker as there can be many factors that influence labour but for me i belive the tea helped my cervix rippen and encourage labour to start.
Both of my children were engaged from 30 weeks as well and this little one is no different.
So for me i think it works it didnt cause me any adverse reactions at all and i started drinking from 30 weeks starting at 1 cup a day for the first week leading up to 3 cups a day to the stage i am at now 35 weeks.
Give it a go its not the greatest taste i add a little honey and this makes it tolerable for me and it cant hurt.

Good luck and let me know how you go:)
Raspberry leaf is a uterine tonic and can be used via tea and tablet. I've used both in all my pregnancies.
It won't induce labour, however what it is meant to do is tone your uterus so that contractions are more effective, which can make labour more quicker (but not always). For instance, I dilated from 0-10cm in only 2 hours because my contractions and uterus were so effective. I believe raspberry leaf was a contributing factor to this. Your uterus is a big muscle that works better if toned (like any muscle would).

This will also help return your uterus back to its pre-pregnancy state a lot quicker because again, your uterus contracts to make itself smaller.

So go ahead and try it, it certainly can't hurt.
i am going to buy some today and give it a go, i have tried everything else because i am over my due date , but i haven't tried the tea to bring on my labour.

any opinions as to whether the tea itself is better than the tablets? or is it pretty much of a muchness?
I used the tablets from the 2nd trimester. I definatly think it helped my body prepare itself for labour and made the birth uncomplicated. Baby was born at 39weeks as well.
I have just started having the tea, meant to earlier but one of those things on the list that kept getting forgotten smile

I agree a bit of honey makes it easier to drink.
According to the lady at the health food shop the tea is better then the tablets. also cheaper smile


depends on the concentration in both the tablets and the tea as to which will work better. i prefer the tablets. smile

Heidi 3 years & Annika 4 days

just thought I would bump this post up as it is quite informative, I also have a question. when is it too early to start taking the tablets (if they are weaker than the tea) and drink the tea I'm 26 weeks and hopeing to improve labour this time around (not nesscessary bring it on earlier but definalty help uterus push baby out better) lol.

i was told by the nurse to take it at 32 weeks not before and the tea leaves are the best and take it 3 times a day with food. My bub came 10 days early and she was 8 pound with a 37cm round head, 52cm long and i didn't rip. i'm only a small girl so i think it helped me out alot.

Hi. I took Rasberry leaf tea from 20 weeks on wards. Started at one cup a day and gradually built up to 3 cups at 36 weeks. My labour was 2 hours 45 mins and I slept through 90% of that. Didn't need any pain relief, gas ect. (DD was born at 37 weeks.)

Just 24 hours after having bub my tummy looked as if I had never been preg. Dr also commented on how 'fit' I must of been because of how quickly my muscle's returned to normal.
(is he serious - only exersise I did was getting up from the couch to change channel! LOL )

i swear to you my experience is all down to the tea.

I was told it won't hurt bub, so anything that helps us through labour/preg/post preg is worth a go.

Good luck with everything girls,
M xx
Well since as tho i'm only days away from my third trimester I went and got some Raspberry leaf today (I live in a smallish town so could only get the tablets but next week or tomorrow I'll be getting the tea too) The lady i brought them off vouched for them said she used it with her final preg and had the easest and quickest of her labours.
So I have alraedy taken my first dose! man 2 tablets 4-5 times a day!!!! can't wait to just get the liquid form. LOL.

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