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WHo watched 20/20 last night? Lock Rss

Wow, not sure if I am the only one thinking this after watching 20/20 last night, but I am a little concerned about Maternity Care in NZ now. How do we know that the care we are getting from our LMC is up to standard??? Anyone else thinking the same thing?

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Such a sad story sad So much blame, yet no accountability. That doctor gave me the sh its, her attitude was disgusting. Doctors sure as hell aren't perfect either lady!

I guess it's the same in every country though, there is no way to be sure that your LMC is up to scratch. All you can do is ask around, be sure to check their qualifications,and if you feel something isn't right with your LMC, go elsewhere.

The Midwifery Council are implementing new standards starting this year for the Bachelor of Midwifery, which involves the course becoming 3 semesters a year instead of 2, to enable more clinical placements to take place, seeing as the practical knowledge is paramount to being able to practice safely. However, if you attend all 30 births that you need to graduate, and only ever have safe, normal deliveries, then obviously you will only have theoretical knowledge about what to do in a situation like that. Not suctioning the baby's throat is a pretty basic mistake though, and all 3 of those midwives should be held accountable for that. If you can't function properly and remember something as basic as that in a crisis, then IMO you're in the wrong profession.

I second what Em said. The show was about accountability and admitting they'd messed up.

Go with your gut instinct, if your not comfortable then find someone else. My SIL fired her first midwife when she was 30ish weeks as she wasn't happy with her standard of care.

I'm waiting to hear back from the midwife I had with DS, she was fantastic - unfortunately the time this one is due she'd planned on being on leave. Shes considering taking us on though.

Love my boys M-10/05/08 J-01/12/09

I can't believe they are still practising! they were not held responsible for what they did to that beautiful wee girl.

I have just finished reading that book by Lynda Exton- the lady who talked on the show I would definitely recommend you all to read it.

It's crazy in NZ the number of babies dying is rising as is number of mothers and the breastfeeding rates are still falling.

There is no national database of ALL birth outcomes which includes stillborns, many people have been pushing for one for the last 15+ years it is disgraceful.
The author Lynda Exton recommends choosing a midwife that has a nursing background, but in saying that there is such a shortage there is really no choice as all the gp's have been driven out of practice it is so sad.

Midwifes are trained to deal with normal births but research shows that 1/3 births require medical assistance in one form or another.

Jax only watched because I told her about it. sad] LOL

Seriously though I basically agree with what you've said, very sad and a shame that no one ahs been held accountable. I think it is however ludicrous to suggest that only midwives "c*ck up" and that Drs never make mistakes because that's not true and as usual the implication is that midwives are incompetent and OBS are the "gold standard".

When things go wrong it is easy to say well if "this had happened or we'd done that then the outcome would have been different" and it might have been or it might have changed nothing; it's like saying that giving birth at home is a recipie for disaster because medical treatment isn't immediately available, but this baby was born in a hospital and it still happened there.

Do I believe that 1/3 of all births involve a medical intervention, I do....which I personally find scary but I then ask myself why that is. Is it because the medical profession intefered with the process in the first place by indiucing a woman because she hit a certain number of weeks, is it because there are incompetent people out there practising, is it because women decide what risks they are willing to accept and which ones they aren't taht lead to complications that require intervention or is it most likely a combination of all those things?

I am a big believer in trusting your instincts, if you aren't happy with the care you are receiving then find someone else! I understand that can be hard with the shortages, but because as someone else said the majority of births are without "drama", the experience to deal with that can be hard to come by. Would I like to be able to look somewhere and see what the percentage of good vs bad outcomes are of the person I might choose, maybe, but only with the information to go with it. Let's face it, like most things it is easy to say that an LMC had 5 bad births and only 4 good ones, but what were the circumstances and how "bad" was it?

I would have my midwife again, or any in the co-op because I know them, I know their practices and you see the same women choosing them again and I know these women and I reckon that 9 out of 10 of them wouldn't be repeat consumers if they weren't happy with the care they got; whether the birth went to their plan or not.

Look at it another way............the US is held up as the gold standard of maternity services and look at what they've got there! C-section rates through the roof, intervention at the drop of a hat and no real choice when it comes to bringing new life into the world because the insurance companies have decided what is and isn't acceptable and what is and isn't "safe" and their bf rates, well don't even get me started on that. Thanks but no thanks. LOL I guess that I accept that things could possibly not go how I imagine they should, but I also trust my body and myself to know if something isn't right and to act accordingly. Even if someone has the "best" reputation, doesn't mean they are necessarily the best person for you so I listened to my gut.

Ok, yell away. LOL That is sarcasm by the way in case anyone missed it, I am just used to being yelled at for what I think. smile]

Christina I agree with most of what you have said. The US is shocking when it comes to c-section rates, something like 31.9% where WHO says the optimal rate is around 5-10. Midwives are almost unheard of over there, everything is done through an OBGYN, who as a rule I believe are very fast to "pull the plug" on choice when it comes to giving birth. If everything is not EXACTLY text-book, then you get the chop. However in saying that, I used a private obstetric group with my pregnancy, and I will definately be going back there. My doctors were fantastic, and they worked with 2 midwives in the practice as well as the midwives at the hospital. They never treated midwives as though they were anything but their equals, and I really admired that as I have seen first-hand the attitudes of some doctors towards midwives. Even with all my complications I was adamant that I would at least try a vaginal birth, and all 4 of my doctors supported me in that.

I hear ya, when I had DS1 in the UK it was "shocking" because I basically got told I couldn't do it the way I wanted because I'd never done it before; taking into account as well that the midwife I saw all pregnancy was unlikely to actually be at the birth and was cr@p. LOL The only choice we made, listening to my gut and based on some information was change hospitals because the local one, well they screwed up some pretty major things (plus horror stories I had heard)with my care and there was no way I was having my baby there when I'd already been shafted on where I really wanted to give birth anyway so I was doing something "my" way for once. LOL It was made easier in getting the change because the only other 2 "local" hospitals were equally as far away as the one we went to; not that it mattered in the end as he was born in the wee hours and in a hurry but hey..........we weren't to know where we? smile]

I am so glad that I got out of the US when I did, and certainly before I had children. LOL My bestie friend in high school ended up with a c-section that I am not entirely convinced she actually needed because she went "outside" what the policies were at the hospital and I feel pretty sad for her. I think there is good and bad across the board, and you sound like you were extremely lucky and I say that because from what I have heard OBs and midwives rarely see eye to eye on anything. LOL

So I reckon as long as you do your homework as best you can withing the confines of the current system and listen to your gut it should be alright in the end.

LOL and if you have any more kids, come and see me (in 3 years time tongue). You know you can trust me, I'm a smart cookie! LOL

Unfortunately I haven't got 3 years. LOL DP doesn't want to have a new baby in the house when he's 40 so I got another 12 months tops to convince him! Actually I have until his next birthday in 3 months time...ooh dear, think I need to do something here. LOL Plus I felt pretty awful when pregnant with DS2 (in the beginning anyway as you do)and that was only 19 months ago, in another 3 years I will be pushing ever closer to 40 myself and well don't think I could cope. *sigh* Why won't he just do what I want? PMSL

Shame I can't benefit from whatever is in the Huggies water at the moment............

PMSL Christina maybe you should just attack him every chance you get.

Unfortunately that won't work....well not with me not on the pill. LOL Damn, why can't he be one of those risk takers like everyone else....isn't that how Jax got UTD? hehehehehehehe

I need a new plan..................any ideas anybody? Feel free to "stalk" me on Facebook if you...ooh wait, he's on facebook too, don't do that (or if you do, email me)!

OOOOOOOOH and sorry for the thread jack. smile] And with that I am off to really, I am. LOL

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