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When to tell our 3 year old? Lock Rss

Just wondering how far along were you before you told your toddler that you're having a baby?

Kylie, mummy to Daniel 21.1.06 & Briana 27.6.09

I told our DD (she was 3 yrs and 5 mths when her sister was born) when I was about 6 mths preg. 40 weeks is a long time for a 3 year old. Some people thought I told her too early but I thought I should tell the truth. She needed to know why I couldn't pick her up.
Hope this helps.

Mum to Three!!!!!

We told DD when I was about 6 weeks. We took her with us to the dating ultrasound and once they had the bub on screen and all was OK we said that's your baby brother or sister. She was 3 and understood... I think smile
We told our 2.5yr old when I was 18wks. We would have waited longer but he was starting to hurt me when climbing over my belly. We mentioned it really casually though, just said to be careful with mums belly because there's a baby inside.

i told my son straight away when i was pregnant with dd#1. he was 2yrs and 4 months but it turned out to be a long 9 months. he bugged me the whole time. so i learnt my lesson and waited until i was 16weeks with dd#2 and i was going to hold off until i was 12 weeks with this one because i m/c 4 mths before but i had to tell him when i was 9 weeks b/c every one was talking about it and i didnt want him finding out from someone else. he is 6 now. my 3 year old has just clicked that im having a baby. and my 22mth old has no idea.

DS is much younger (he was 12 months when I fell pregnant)so, I didn't think he'd really understand what was going on.

He heard my sister talking about a baby when I was 12 weeks (just announced it everyone) and he started asking questions about the baby.

He's 18 months today actually and he has a pretty good understanding of there being a baby coming but, is still too young to be impatient.

I think at 3, 6 months is probably a good time to really start explaining it and start getting them ready for the new addition:)
i told DD as soon as it was confirmed by the doctor. my 2 are only 15 months apart and she took it really well. she is such a lovely big sister towards her brother.

My son turned 3 in december, I told him right after I found out & he understands what is happening. He wants a little brother (used to be a sister until he found out they don't like spiderman & power rangers!)He's such a great little helper too, he is always asking if I'm feeling tired or sick & tells me to lie down while he watches a movie.


I had to tell DD as soon as I reached the 12 week mark as she had already been telling everyone that mummy has a baby in her tummy even though I had not mentioned ANYTHING!!! When I did finally tell her that she had been right all along she said "Mummy... that means you lied!". Too funny!

It will def. be a long 9 months though as everyday she wants to kiss the baby (my tummy) and asks how long til her sister comes out! (we don't know the sex of this baby but she is adamant that I am having a girl... will have to wait and see!).

My DD was 2.5 when I found out I was pregnant and she knew as soon as I and her father new.

She is very good about it and talks to my belly (bub).

I say do whatever you feel comfortable with.
Goodluck and Congrats
I told our dd when I had my 14 week checkup coz I knew we would be listening for the heart beat. I told her we were going to the doctors to check the baby in mummy's tummy. She will be 3 in June and am due in sep and she got it straight away...she told me that she wants a baby sister (she already has a brother)and i am just giving her things to look forward to like just after her cousins birthday it will the u'sound so she is really looking forward to that. 40 weeks is a long time but if you keep them interested with your appointments and u'sounds then it will go pretty quick!
Thanks to everyone on your suggestions. I think we might wait until we are 6 months (am now 20wks), otherwise I'm sure I'll be fielding questions every day.

Thanks again.

Kylie, mummy to Daniel 21.1.06 & Briana 27.6.09

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