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Chinese Birth Chart Lock Rss

I have checked this with every pregnancy and so far it has been correct... just wondering what other people's results have been?

Hey it was spot on for me with DD!
But it did not go back to when I was 17 for DS!

It was spot on for my Brother and his girl who are due in August with a little Boy.

It was wrong for my husbands cousin....but then I think her dates were wrong cause she did not have him until Im thinking it may of been right on the conception part smile

For my sister in law It has been right also...pretty scary ay!!!

DS-20.05.05 & DD-23.11.07

Two of three were incorrect.

Mum to Three!!!!!

It was right for my first, not for this one.

did you all use the same chart coz i have had some different ones...
It's way off for me lol

DS was meant to be a girl apparently and so is this one I'm carrying now. We obviously won't know for sure until the birth but, I've seen the bits on the ultrasound and it's looking pretty wrong again!
I did a thread on this awhile back in general.. It seemed it was as wrong as many times as it was right.. lol.

Was right with DD but wrong with this one.....Just as a side note ALL the other old wives things were right with DD and ALL the other old wives things were wrong this time too.....!!
It was right for me and about 6 of my friends smile

I hope it is right because it predicted 67% a girl for me smile

Was right for DD, and the other people I have spoken to

I checked the chinese birth chart and it states I will have a girl BUT it says 50/50 chance of boy or girl..

Which site do you use because Its confusing me.. it COULD be baby brain BUT I dont know


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