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question about skin after birth. Rss

Just wondering what happens to all of the extra skin streched from pregnancy, as before i was pregnant i was a size 8-10 with a flat belly, i know my belly will most likely never be flat again but will i have lots of sagging skin???????
i think mostly it is a bit saggy, sometimes there is a lump there.

i was lucky after eli, i had no excess skin. 4 months later it was summer and i was running around in a bikini. lol


i had a better body months after birth, and within a year or two it got a bit worse. but i dont know, maybe that is just my opinion.

im preg with number 2 and dont think i will be in a bikini after my second.?? guess we will have to wait and see
Depends how bad your stetch marks are because it means theres more skin. I had very thick stretch marks and now i have a pouch thing-im slightly overweight but if i got healthy again and started exercising it would get better but it will always look weird and have that little bump of skin...that is depending how bad it is

Everyone is different.

I have just had my 6th baby a few months ago and i have a flat stomach with only the slightest stretch marks.

By day 4 my belly is pretty much back to normal after giving birth.

I have no idea why. Thats just how my body works i guess.

So its pretty much a "wait and see"

i was size 10 before i had my first. i was then size 10-12 with baby 2 and now with baby 3. If you excerise and do sit up's your tummy will go mostly flat again. mine did but it took about 6-8mths but then shortly i was preg again, mostly its fluid and if you breast feed its in the bra.

good luck but you will be fine if you excersise.

izacc,ethan and mya

My tummy never went back. But i have loads of stretch marks. I never got back to bikini wearing...Its not fat its loose skin.

But then my sister never got any strech marks and was able to get her nice tummy back.

It depends on the person!
Take a look at, theres lots of pictures from women that can give you an idea. Obviously everyone is different and things depends on wether you exercise, how much you weighed before you get pregnant, if you have any vitamin defiencys, if you moiterise, how well you eat etc!
We are all women, we all go through this, i don't see how theres anything to be ashamed of

I had twins 15 months ago, and my tummy is not very nice.. i have heaps of flabby skin that is not fat it's just excess skin.. i don't think it will ever go. Somedays i get really depressed about it but then i have to focus on the positives

It all depends on the person.. everys skin is different so you'll just have to wait and see.
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