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Who has had a sweep before??? Lock Rss

i had one done with my first child but it didnt work and ended up being induced and having caesarean - basically she just didnt want to come out.
had one done with second child and started mild contractions straight away and had bub by midday next day.
So even with the same person (me) can work differently with different pregnancy. I think your body still has to be ready otherwise its not going to work.
Well i had mine on Monday, started getting contractions yesterday at 830am but all seemed to stop last night. Im hoping things will start up again soon smile im going be doing alot of walking today...
i had with my first. she was still 2 weeks over so it made no difference. Just a warning you will bleed a little after.

Had it done as she was my first and we thought we were in labour when we weren't. I am never having it done again it hurts!

Megan: Cathrine 21/10/06 Alex 25/03/08

I found mine didnt hurt, was just bit uncomfortable. Was all over and done with pretty quickly though.
dd1 i had one, 5 days later my waters started leaking, no contractions and had to get induced.

dd2 i had one at 9:30 am, no signs of anything that day, woke at 2 am with a pain, thought it was just from the s&s at the hospital at 6am had dd2 at 9:30am next day!
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