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Antenatal care in WA Lock Rss


i have recently moved to WA from NSW and have found out i am approx 9 weeks pregnant with my second bub.
i am trying to find out how the helthcare system works over here with geting refered to a hospital etc becuase the doctors i have seen don't really seem to know what they are talking about.

with my first bub in NSW after the doctor did blood tests to confirm i was pregnant they referred me to the local hospital and everything else was done the the midwifes clinic and they were really good and helpfull.
but over here they don't seem to want to refer me to the hospital and are talking about shared care but when i have asked about when i would get referred to the hospital they ask me to ring the hospital.
Due to this i have seen several GP's and they have all been really vague so this doesn't really make me want to see them for shared care for half the pregnancy because i don't really trust they know what they are talking about.
I live about 15 mins from Joondalup hospital and this is where i guess i would go but again the GP's haven't been that helpfull on whether this is a good maternity hospital or not.

sorry to have blabbed on a bit but i was hoping someone else from WA could tell me their experience with how their antenatal care was done.

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Hi Jessies mum

I assume from what you have said you are planning on going public?

I am from WA and had both my babies at KEMH. I had really great care by midwives and with my second pregnancy I saw OBs as well as I had previously had a c section.

I just told my GP that was where I wanted to go and he referred me. Unfortunately I don't know much about hospitals north of the river but I think if you live near Joondalup hospital that would be the closest hospital.

If you went private I know there is Glengarry hospital. My mum used to work there and raved about it. There is also Osborne Park which was an option for me but a little far away.

I was cared for by my GP till 19 weeks and then I went to the clinic at the hospital for all my check ups.

I am in Rockingham now and will be going to a GP with extra obstetrics qualifications next time and will go to Rockingham hospital. I am not really sure how it works there.

Hope I have helped a little.


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Hi Jessies mum

I am due with my first baby in April and I am going to Glengarry Hospital which is private. My obstetrician is excellant and works across the road from the hospital. He is Dr Lesley Gan.

If you are public your best bet would probably be to go to Joondalup. I would just call the hospital and find out the best way of going about it. GP's can be pretty hopeless with directing you in the right way.

Hope this helps

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