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2 Things??? Rss

With my 1st pregnancy i never changed the cat sand tray. This time i have done it a few times because we have changed the litter stuff we use so dp wont do it anymore.
Is it harmful for the baby???

At night time i can feel the baby moving already im only 10 weeks, last time i was 25 weeks when i first started feeling it move is this normal???
hi, im not really sure about the cat litter tray, i've heard its not good but i think as long as you wear gloves and you dont breat in any of it then you shoudl be ok??? but as i said im not sure.

im sure i can feel my baby moving too. i thought i was being silly but im sure im feeling him/her moving. so i would say it is normal yes.


From what I've read its preferable that someone else handles the kitty litty whilst you are pregnant and for the movements this time around I've been feeling them since 14 weeks, apparently you do feel them earlier after the first pregnancy.
Toxoplasmosis is pretty rare but usually caused from direct contant with animal (especially cats!) fecies (sp) BUT usually ONLY you will be at risk if you have just bought the cat. The longer you have the cat the more immunity you have built up against it! I was also worried about this with my first pregnancy. We had two cats!

Completely normal about the movements smile I was 20 weeks when i first felt kicks from my son and this time i was around 11 weeks with movements!
Thanks Girls.

I got the cats when i was preggers with my first about a year ago. Ive been cats all my life though. I'm just going to keep it safe by not doing it.

Thats great that the movements are normal, ive forgotten most things about my 1st pregnancy except the morning the sickness which i haven't had this time.
its better if someone else can do it. but i done it alot for a while this pregnancy and im looking after a friends cat doing it now. just wear disposable gloves and try not to breath in and dust etc. and wash up well after wards
Hi I change my cat's litter all the time but I make sure that I don't touch it and I wash my hands with detol afterwards
I did read the same things that you build up an immunity if you have been around cats for a long time

I have been feeling movement since 10 weeks my doctor said that bubs was kicking everything that touches my tummy as a way of saying stay away from my space I also have a shy baby that trys to hide from the doppler, ultrasound, doctor and midwifes lol
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