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extreme pain in hips Rss

I have been experiencing extreme pain in my hips for about a month but no pain in my back
It is so painful sometimes I cannot sleep or walk properly
I am 29 weeks now
I have spoken to my doc and midwife who have different opinions one said I should walk more the other said not to walk too much
Friends who have had children have been no assistance as they never experienced it and I cannot find any information anywhere on this
Also I have tried sleeping with and with out pillows
has anyone else had this problem and what did you do?
I'm 25 weeks and i get this. Omg it is so painful to walk when i have it, and bending to pick something up is such an effort! My doc told me to rest, use a heat pack and rub in some deep heat. I spent a whole weekend resting and it works. He also told me that when it goes away to go for walks, but while it's still painful just rest.
Hope it goes away for you, i know how painful it is!!
I would get checked out by a chiropractor.. i have been thismorning and god i feel better again ,,i go every 8 weeks when i a preggers and it has kept the hip pain away this time..i go to a chiro that specialises in pregnant women and babies..
I have exactly the same thing and i totally agree with you. It really hurts...My midwife told me that there is nothing you can do...Its something to do with the nerves in your back that during pregnancy the nerves are triggered and cause all the pain...

I'm 22wks preg and have had it for about a month...I found having a nice warm bath helped a lot and just get into bed while its not sore....

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I so know what you are going through...I am now 34 weeks 3 days and have been seeing the physio at the hospital for about 10 weeks now. She does massages on my hips and while that was really working in the beginning, it's only lasting around a day or so now before I'm back to where I started from. Unfortunately, due to my belly being in the way, I can't actually do any stretches or anything.

I had my appointment last week and was told that the ligaments and soft tissue in my hips were swollen.

I didn't so much have hip problems with my son, but had a lot of lower back pain...this time it's more my hips.

I find that I'm worse when I've been sitting for a long period of time and when I'm trying to sleep on my side (and as I can't sleep any other way, have no choice). Walking gets sore after a while too, but initially, it's the walking that helps loosen things up.

I spoke to my midwife today and am going to see the doctor in 4 weeks time to discuss being induced. I was induced 3 days early with DS and was told by the doctor that time that the MW should have gotten me to see her sooner, as they would have probably induced me sooner! I'm not letting that happen this time around.

Sorry for the babbling, but maybe you need to see a physio too.

MY back pain was also triggered by soft tissue and nerves a level 4 (it only goes to 5) but she fixed and it lasts for weeks. it is worth a try
I have a bad hip, which has been made so much worse by being pregnant. I find that unless I position myself very carefully when sleeping, both my hips get really sore. I have a terribly exaggerated pregnancy waddle because I can hardly bend my right hip to lift my leg as I walk. The act of sitting down is really painful (getting into the car is a whole bundle of fun!). I can only go up or down stairs one at a time (i.e. one foot up, other foot up - next step). The midwife I saw today has refered me to a hospital physio after I give birth (it'll be free for 3 months, yay!) and hopefully that will not only help it get back to where it was before I was pregnant, but even go some way to fixing it entirely.

I can totally sympathise with all of you fellow sore-hip ladies! It just makes doing the most basic things so hard.

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