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Finding out sex of bubs Rss

Hi girls,

We didn't find out the sex of our first baby and thought we definately wouldn't with no. 2 either. Problem is as the time is nearing temptation is creeping up on me. We don't have a sex prefernce at all. We would love a boy or girl. I just don't want to be disappointed thati found out. Has anyone found out and regretted it? Thanks, Stacey
DH wants to keep baby # 2 a surprise ... but I couldn't help myself ... I found out but he doesn't know I know ....

We have a gorgeus / very cheeky (almost 4 yr old) little boy, so at my 19 wk U/S the sonographer asked me if I wanted to know the sex ... at first I said " No" but then I had a change of heart and asked her to check ... she said " I looks like a girl ... I can't see any dandling bits ...."

I still buying both blue & pink things just incase she was wrong ... This baby wasn't co-operating to well when the sonographer was checking)... and i've heard so many stories where it's been wrong .....

DH, DS & I will be really essatic if this baby is a girl ( especially DH) I guess I don't want to believe it too much incase if the sonographer was wrong...

So yeh ... I did find out ... but for me it'll still be a surprsie because I'm not 100 % convinced that the baby is a girl ....


I found out with my 1st and 2nd pregnancies and couldn't with my 3rd and it really did my head in the whole time just the not knowing, I had no regrets either as I am not one for surprises..
This is my 4th baby and we are having a girl after my 3 boys so it's been wonderful to be able to shop and get things ready for her arrival.
It's up to you if you want to know or really need to know, I'm sure you will decide when the time comes it will feel right..

I've found out the sex of the bub and for far I'm not regrettin it at all, I mean theres a 50/50 chance of it being one or the other so knowing didn't really raise an issue for me. It also has helped me 'bond' with the baby inside me a bit I guess. It's easier to think of the baby as a him instead of 'he or she'

We had a suprise with DD1, and this time around we have been sooooo tempted to find out. Why... I supose as to what colour clothes etc to buy, do we keep all of bella's clothes for bub 2, being able to focus on boy or girl names. But I am so glad that we didn't find out. We have only about 3 weeks to go, and are happy to wait until then.

We thought that you find out so much about your baby during the pregnancy, it would be nice to have a complete suprise at the very end. Besides, I am a terrible secret keeper, and I find it interesting what other people think and what they base their guesses on. If I knew, I wouldn't be able to keep it from everyone else!

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