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I was just wondering, at your diabetes test, did you guys have to drink the drink, then wait 1 hour, and have a blood test?
Because the lady said that i have to have a bloodtest, drink the drink, wait and hour then have another blood test.

Im only 16, and needles are my biggest fear! i said she could do one bloodtest thats it..
All the other people i know only had to have one test...
My biggest fear is needles as well, I pass out every time. Last time I had my 5.5 year old there watching, she just laughed at me the little monkey!!

I haven't had my glucose test done for this bub yet but for all the other 3 it was drink the drink, wait a while, then have the needle - my youngest is 2 so unless they've changed it since then I thought it was only one needle. I would be asking her reasons for it.

Good Luck!
There are 2 types of test. The one I always have is a 2 hour glucose Tolerance Test (due to having babies weighing more than 4.5kg, and having a strong family history of diabetes).

The Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT) is a fasting test, you need to fast for 8-12 hours prior to the test.
You will have a fasting blood test, which is a pre-glucose drink test, then you will drink the drink within 5 mins,
you then have another blood test 1 hour from when you finished the drink (one hour post-glucose ingestion) ,
and another blood test an hour after that (2 hours post-glucose ingestion). You can't eat, drink, smoke in between the bloods (water should be ok)

The second is the Oral Glucose Challenge Test (OGCT) which is a non-fasting test, usually drink the glucose drink within 5-10 mins, and have a test 1 hour after that.

Depending what is written on your pathology form from the Dr will depend on which test you are required to have.
I had my glucose test 2 weeks ago, and I had to drink the drink, then wait an hour, then have my blood test. As far as I know, if your results are too high or inconclusive, or you have a medical reason like AZ123 then they give you the 2 hour test where you have to fast beforehand. But to start with I'm pretty sure everyone gets the standard glucose test.
Your lucky, I had to have the blood test, drink the drink, wait 2 hours then have another blood test with my last pregnacy, But in saying that I was also classed as 'High Risk' last time, so thats why I had to have the bigger test.
Oh and I had to fast from midnight the night before
[Edited on 13/07/2008]
With my first 2 i had a test first then drank the drink and had another 1 hour later

with this one i only had the one test one hour after drinking the drink

i think it just depends where you go because the first 2 were at the same place and this one was done at a different place

i also have a friend who had hers done at the hospital and she wasn't high risk but hers was a 2 hour test with 3 blood tests

Listen to AZ123 she has explained it perfectly. It doesnt depend on where you get it done... it depends on your personal medical circumstances. Ask your Dr to explain why they think you need the GTT if you are concerned.
Sorry to say but you may be needing more needles in the near future...if you are really worried about it ask them to use an anesthetic cream or patch (they use them on kids) to numb the area before they do the needles.
Good Luck

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Hey Maney91,

i can understand your fear of needles in 31yrs and absouletly terrified of them but its just one of those things that you need to do to make sure you and bub are okay, most pathologists are pretty good if you have a fear..

Anyways the hr test if your reading comes back under 7.8 then your fine, if it comes back higher then 7.8 then your doctor will look at doing the 2hr GTT, and with the 2hr one where you have to fast and go on a 3 day diet, your reading needs to be under 5.4 for the first reading, then under 7.9 for the other two readings.

If your doc recommends to get more tests done then get them done even with your fear, there is too many complications that can arise for you and bub if you don't, im 38weeks and my doctor left my diabetes untreated which has now added complications to where i now have to be admitted to hosptial tommorrow to start insulin and stay till i go to term..
[Edited on 14/07/2008]
[Edited on 14/07/2008]
hey ive had 5 of these tests i had the one where you drink the drink and have a needle thats the routine diabeties test and i have had 4 of the tests where u have a neddle when you get there drink the drink wait 2 hours and then have another neddle this test is more conclusive and gives a better result because its over a longer period of time and gives the suggar longer to break down i got the all clear so i dont have diabeties yey
advice for getting needles.

Ask to lay down,and ask the person to talk to you about something so your mind isnt focused on the neddle.

I had the drink then wait and hr and blood test.

if he have to have the anti d needle, i find getting it in my leg is better then my arm.

Forever in our hearts....

I had one test a week ago where I drank the drink and waited one hour then they took blood
When the results came back it was positive so the doc sent me back for other test
The second test I had to fast they took blood made me drink the drink but more this time than the first test
After one hour they took more blood then after two hours more blood I felt like a pin cushion
If it helps I find that if I am having a day where I can't handle needles I just look away before they get it out and the nurses are fantastic they chat about different things to distract me
Hope this helps
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