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when did you leave for the hospital???? Rss

hi there,

Just wondering what majority of woman wait till there contractions are about five minutes apart or when they did end up leaving for the hospital,
and does anyone have any funny stories they want to share...

This is my first so im really interested in hearing how other woman went smile

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Maxim Stepanov is three months old smile

When I go into labour now, I GO TO THE HOSPITAL! No waiting around for me!

With my first, my water broke and contractions started a minute apart straight away. I was in the delivery room for 4 mins when my son was born, (2820g, 5 weeks early)

My second labour was 7 hours- started with contractions, about 2 mins apart. I went to the hospital after 3 hours, they broke my water at the 6 hour mark, and baby was born an hour after that - 7 hour labour, (4460g 3 days early)

My 3rd labour started by my water breaking, and contractions 45 sec apart - they were excruciating. Baby was born 1 hour 13 mins after the water broke. (4600g, 10 days early)

With this one, if my water breaks, I am going to the hospital, I have heard that a 4th labour happens in about half the time as the third - I will let you know in a few weeks if this is the case.
i dont have a funny story but my contrations were 5 mins apart straight up so i went straight to hossie bubs was born 5 hrs later.

Hey there,

I'd check what regulations your hospital goes by. Some don't want to see you until the contractions hit at least 5 min intervals.

I contracted all day until I got to 3 min intervals and then the hospital told me to go in.

But, I ended up having a 24 hour labour so there was no hurry. lol

I had mild contractions all day but thought nothing of it so me and my DH went shopping for mothers day presents! At 5:30pm my contractions were 4 mins apart but still manageable, I wasn't in alot of pain, just a bit uncomfortable, then my waters broke so we called the hospital and she said "uhm, I think you should come in now!", but we had a couple of friends come around for about 30 mins before we finally left (the hospital is only 15 mins away) I was 4cm dilated by the time we got there and 3 hours later DS was born. Next time I don't think we'll be mucking around, as they say they only get quicker!!! Maybe I should camp outside the hospital from 37 weeks this time?? lol smile

I rang the hospital as soon as I got a show of blood, they told me to come in so off I went. I arrived around 5am, by 9am I was 6cm dilated and at 1.17pm my little girl was born. When I got to the hospital they asked me if I was having contractions... I said "I dont know"... I was but they were really mild and as I'd never had a baby before I didnt know smile

I wouldnt wait at home till the contractions were five mins apart... in hospital they can monitor you and baby. So I'll do same again this time, as soon as there's any sign I'm off to hospital.
Hi Shelly,
Im a first time mum too and not sure what to expect. Thanks for making this thread.

i left for hospital when my contractions were 3mins apart. arrived at birthing centre at 8.20am ds was born at 10.40am

My midwife had told me to stay at home as long as i was comfortable to.

This time i will be going when they are about 5 min apart as we live further away now.

i''''m baking a baby

I left for hospital with my DS when I couldn't take the pain anymore.... I couldn't even time the contractions I was working on trying to just get thru them.

When I arrived at the hospital the midwife there said "ohh your Jenny??" I said NO I'm LEISA!!! DF had rang my independant midwife who actually thought he was someone else hehehe So she rang the hospital to say we were on our way and she wouldn't be far behind. Once she got there and saw me she felt really bad hehehe

When I arrived at the hospital I was already 4cms and I was advised to stay at home as long as possible as some new mums go in at the first sign and their labour will subside and they are more likly to try and intervene if your not moving along fast enuf.

I was in hospital for 13 hours before DS was finally delivered by C/s.

This time looks like I could be in for another C/s but if I can go VBAC I will go in when I can't handle the pain again.

All the best
Leisa xx

My waters broke at home at 4am, up until then my contractions had been maybe 6-7 minutes but not painful I had slept thru them. Once my waters broke that was it - so painful and regular although I forgot to time them lol

The hospital said make my way in when I want to, she didnt sound too bothered tho but Im glad I didnt wait, by the time we got ready and had a QUICK shower and got to the hospital it was 5am, Noah was born at 8:05am.

So with only a 4hr labour I am glad I didnt wait, and will do the same next time as Ive heard next labour can go faster!! eeek!

I have been told to go to the hospital when either of the 3 things happen
1 my water breaks
2 7-10 mins apart
3 when i feel like I can't be alone without a midwife

Funny story is I went into the room to have my waters broken and I could not find DH anywhere, anyway a few minutes later, in rocks my darling DH with some chocolates in his hand and smiling like a little school boy "I bought you a chokkie"....I gave him the evil eye and went on with the labour....about 2 hours into the labour, my DH leaves my side again, and when i asked the midwife where he was she just smiled and said "he said he was getting hunger pains and went to eat his chocolate, he will be back in one minute. I could have killed him!!!!! he would be dead today but it turns out he was having a diabetic attack and had to leave to have a sugar fix.......eating the chocolate he bought me......he is a sweetie and a dill at the same time...but i love him, he always makes for a funny story


i went when they were 3min apart. got to the hosp had a few more contractions and it all stoped. that was at about 2am.
at6:30am i was induced and 8:35am he was born.
this time if my hubby has his licence back im going in a bit later, but i want to have a water birth and enjoy hte pain relief, so will see how we go, if he doesnt have his licence mum will be taking us so i will go early
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