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thank you to anyone who reads this, my impending second birth is killing me!!! all i think about is all the pain i will be in. i can't have a epi because i have low platelets, and i am remembering the pain from my first. it was drug free and 4 hrs. I am really scared and i just want to enjoy my last few weeks. also i heard about ppl having a local in the perineium so the sting is not there when the head is crowning...nayone know anything about that. Also if anyone had a birth with low platelets i would like to know how you coped

thanks ladies


Hi Supa Dupa Mum,

I think the second time around it is really difficult - my second pregnancy has been killing me too but for different reasons! I'm being induced tomorrow:)

I don't have low platelets and did have an epidural with my first, so I'm sorry I can't sympathise with you on that. I was just wondering though, can you have other drugs, like pethidine for instance? I know it is not really the preferred pain relief for most people, as it can affect the little one too, but it doesn't do them harm in the vast majority of cases and maybe it is better than nothing for you.

On the other hand, you might find this birth a lot easier by virtue of the fact that it's your second, and things are not so tight this time (I don't mean that in a rude way, I am mostly referring to ligaments etc!) at least that's what I'm hoping for!

All the best, I hope it goes well for you and I'm sorry not to be of any real help.

hahahaha no things are not as tight as i was 6 years ago! i just need someone to talk to about it. it is hard to talk to my husband as he has this vision on my first labour and knows i did so well, this should be easy and nothing to worry about.......yeah, no it sucks this scared feeling


I'm also in my second pregnancy and finding lots of new aches and pains.

My first was a c-section, and I am hoping for a VBAC this time around. I have no idea what to expect as far as pain and relief go, but I have found that yoga execises for pregnancy and birth are giving me options to help control the pain and birth.

Good luck with the birth. If nothing else I find that yoga grounds me and puts me in a peaceful place.


I just wanted to say, cant the OB give you some steroids closer to your due date to get your platelets up? I ask as i have had a blood disorder, called ITP, since i was 15 and my platelets were 1 when i first found out!!!!!!!! Just a single one, i was on the brink of death, but with steroids and i also had my spleen out, seemed to stop the issue, HOWEVER when i fell preggo with my first who is now 7 weeks old, my platelets were all over the show, so at 34 weeks, they put me on a low dose of steroids and when i gave birth they were at 170,000 and thats normal, and i was able to have an epidural and everything? I would investigate into it if you are concerned, coz i would if they are too low, you have a risk of bleeding! Sorry i dont want to scare you, but i would def talk to your DR about this!! See if there is anything they can do to bring the platelets up a little, especially if they are dangerously low.
If you need any other info, just PM me hun...

Good luck

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