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So I'm being critised because............. Lock Rss

I had 2 VB's?

I had to start this thread to stick up for the mum's out there who have had VB's. I don't want ANYONE to take this the wrong way..........

As I have said on numerous threads I have nothing against mums who have had c-sections weather it be for an emergency or for their own personal choice, BUT now it seems like us mum's who have had VB's are getting critised for having them.

It's a PERSONAL experience for each and every one of us.
And yes mum's out there are being critised for having c-sections not matter what the situation but it that a reason to make us feel bad because we have had VB's?

I'm sorry, like I said I don't want to offend anyone but am I meant to feel bad because I had VB's?

isn't it funny how people can never be happy with anything!!!! I don't think you should feel bad because you had VB's.
I think the women who have had caesareans and feel unhappy maybe need to talk to someone about how they are feeling. I know i'm one of those girls that are jealous of women that have had VB but i don't critise and belittle them!

Thanks Denae....

It's good to have mum's out there who have had c-sections who don't belittle us because of VB's.

You where hopeing for a VB this time around aren't you? What have your Dr's said?
I just think it's nasty for women to feel like they need to critise women for doing something that is none of their business!

Yep, booked in for a VBAC but apparently have an abnormal shaped pelvis so they are going through my medical record next week to see if there's any chance of a successful VB! *fingers crossed* smile
I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you. Let me know how you go!!!!!!!!!!

Christine- No one is critising woman on having a VB!! In fact, i think you will find ,its the woman who have had VB's are incessantly having to mention that they had one,and then go on about how they "did it drug free" etc etc.

I am not trying to sound nasty, so i hope i am not coming across this way, but most of the posts by woman who've had ceasers,feel the need to justify their reasons,because of the obscure amount of woman who had VB's and BRAG about them.

Yes yes, i understand its an empowering thing to give birth with no pain relief,and its really great that u did what nature intended..i honestly think that u have every right to boast!
But woman who have had ceasarians (myself being one), have also got their own war stories to tell about child birth, but are ridiculed, because we DIDNT go it drug free, or AS NATURE INTENDED!!

(for the record,i had elective ceasers,and wouldnt have it any other way, so im not just "lashing out coz i have issues")

i really do think its just become this massive COMPETITION for a lot of woman, and at the end of the day, if everyone just "got off their high horse", everyone could feel more comfortable in their choice of child birth no matter how the little darling came out!

As i said, this is not intended to be nasty, i just feel like every where i turn on this dam site lately, theres someone b!+c#ing about how they gave birth as opposed to someone else?

Who really cares!!!

*sorry, pregnancy hormones are raging today..i honestly didnt mean to get so nasty in my post. Nothing personal to anyone who had VB's..i luv u all the same!!

Raych xxoo


I had a VB for my first baby just 7 weeks ago and in no way do i feel like people are looking at me in a bad way!!! I also had an assisted birth with the ventouse being used and i also had every drug under the sun, and i wouldnt change it for the world.

Who cares about how you give birth as long as they baby you have had inside you for 9 months, comes out healthy and safely!!!!!!!!!!!!
As i said i couldnt give 2 hoots as to how you give birth, its your decision and if you are being shot down for your choice then just take it with a grain of salt, as some women are just over the top in expressing their opinions about how women give birth!!! Its your body, your baby, so you do what you feel is best!! Simple as that!!!
Sorry if i have offended anyone, it wasnt my intention

I agree with the person who said it's all become a big competition! After 3 VB's (soon to be 4) to be honest I couldn't give a hoot how it came out, as long as it did and they were healthy. To me that's more important than whether you did/didn't choose, why you chose it etc. It's all based on personal preference and opinion and lets face it, we all have those, so just get on with being a mum and don't worry about how they got here!

Just my opinion as well smile
[Edited on 14/06/2008]
I've had two VB'S. My third baby is due in 6 weeks, hopefully I can have her naturally too, but sometimes things happen that are beyond our control. As long as she's healthy.

If there are people out there, that are tragic enough to judge my births, then so what, I wouldn't waste my energy worrying about it.

As I said I haven't meant to offend or upset anyone.........

I believe it's every womens right to choose how they give birth, I was just basically pointing out how rediculous this is all getting. Everyone is getting upset about this subject but as I said before all our labour experiences are personal, no two labours are the same weather they are VB's or C-Sections.

As it's been said Who gives a sh*t how we give birth as long as the baby is born safely.

Im sorry, but I just find this impossible to believe. Who on earth would criticise you for having a baby vaginally? Considering that is the way the vast majority of babies are born, why would it be odd and lead to criticism?

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