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When did your bub engage? Rss

Hi ladies,

I am pregnant with bub 2 and was wondering when you can expect the baby to engage? Bella was a C-section due to high BP with me and not anywhere close to enagaging at 39 weeks? I have just had my midwife appointment today, and she said that the bubs head is down, but still nowhere close to being engaged.

Does it feel any different? I have had a slight ache/pain between my hips, kinda muscular- is this a sign?


With my first he engaged a few days prior to labour. He was born 37 wks. This time round looks like the same thing might be happen. Baby is engaged, which i estimate happened on the Sunday. To me yes it feels different. Ive noticed that my tail bone reallly hurts!! I can't sit for very long. Also i can fit my whole hand under my breasts till it reaches bubs bum, baby is not under my ribs. Sorry might be TMI, but my girly bits are really achy as well. Midwives said to me that im close to going, but lets just wait and see, cause these baby's have their own mind made up when their coming!!

Hiya, we've got our second due in just over 2 weeks. Mine has dropped as well over the last few days but is not fully engaged. My Midwife said that for subsequent bubs it is not unusual for the them not to engage before labour starts (my GP said the same) While first babies often engage earlier (our first was engaged from 34 weeks or so), following bubs are not always as organised! Hope this helps.

DS1 was still 'floating' at 38+4 weeks when I had an elec c-section with him.

This one is 2/5 engaged and I'm due on Sunday.

Apparantly second babies quite often don't engage until well into labour.
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