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Just wondering when you boobs started to leak? Rss

i was just wondering when you boobs started to leak or show signs of leaking? sorry if its TMI

With my first bub is was about 30 weeks I think... might have been earlier, but definitely wasn't later than that. Now 35 weeks preg with second and still don't leak! I guess every pregnancy is different.
Mine started leaking around 30-35 weeks with my last 2 pregnancies, but this time I have 10 days to go and no leaking yet.

Mummy to 3 little goblins

i was just wondering as im nearly 32 weeks and havent had any leaks as i plan on b/f didnt know if it had any effect on weather or not it i will be able to?

I've been leaking for weeks and weeks now, but not spontaneously...only seems to happen so far if I sleep squishing a boob accidentally, which I try not to do.

I am 39 weeks pregnant and i asked my midwife when i'd start getting chlostrum coz like you i dont leak or have signs of milk being there. And she said most likely after i deliver the placenta so not quite sure when im going to get mine but hopefully it wont be faraway and hope i get some before he's born.

Sorry i have no real advice just thought i'd let you know i was in the same position.


I'm 29 weeks and I've had little leaks at night for the last week.
Posted by: noddynelly
i plan on b/f didnt know if it had any effect on weather or not it i will be able to?

Hi ladies,

Just so you know, leaking, or not leaking in my case has NO impact on whether or not you are able to bf. There are only a small percentage of women who are actually incapable, or not advised to as is the case if mum has HIV for example.

Colostrum is produced whether you intend to bf or not and is the perfect first food for your bubs. There is not alot of it (so don't be concerned on that score) but is very rich and full of all the nutrients bub needs until your "proper" milk comes in at about day 3-5. My milk came in at day 2 this time as Alex was always on the boob and this is a good thing as it helps to get things going nicely. That's not to say that it won't be hard in those early weeks while things are getting established, but it is well worth it.

Put bubs to the breast as soon as you can after the birth, preferably within the first hour and feed on demand, allowing them to come off on their own; if they come off looking "drunk" all is well. LOL

See these links for some more info: (This one is GREAT for info, even if it is an American site.)

I hope the labours, births and bf go well for everyone. Wish I had a bump. LOL


mine started to leak at around 24 weeks. Was very excited when it first happened. But not all women leak prior to delivery,, guess its an individual thing, like most pregnancy symptoms... good and bad!


With #1 they basically started the night before i had him lol With #2 it was a few weeks earlier and i'm currently 26wks with #3 and haven't started yet. I fully breastfed until 13mths with #1 and #2 and plan on doing the same for #3 smile


with dd i leaked at 32 weeks or so i started leaking at 14 weeks with this bub tho
Thanks everyone for your suggestions and links.
I had a dream last night that my chlostorum didnt come in until Caleb (unborn son) was sucking on the boob for a while so maybe i just have to wait til then and see if he looks drunk. lmao.

YAY!!!! only 6 days til due date.

And read before some tips to get labour started so going to go mow the lawn now. I'll let people know how that goes for me.


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