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Baby's Heartbeat - Old Wives Tales Lock Rss


Just wondering if there is anything in the old wives tale about baby's heart beat and the sex of baby. I'm sure i have read if its 140 bpm and under its more likely to be a boy and if its 140 or higher its more likely to be a girl. This was true for my DS and it was the midwife that pointed it out to me as she strongly belived in it.
What is your baby's heartbeat reading and do you know what you are having?
My babys heart beat has always been around 140...On tuesday it was 120 and Im having a boy

Mummy to 3 little goblins

I think it is definitely an old wives tale, which you can't put a lot of faith in. I know for sure that we are having a boy as we had an amnio, and bubs heart rate has generally been between 140 and 160

It was said that 140+bpm was a girl and under 140bpm was a boy.

My first DS his heart beat was 167bpm and our new bub which is also a boy his heart beat is 133 bpm


I was monitored every second day for 5 weeks with this pg, the heart rate varied each day, and the midwives were checking to make sure there was a good variation. It would range from 119 - 167. I now have a little boy.

One midwife mentioned it was actually the heart rate while in labour that can tell you.
I'm having a girl and her heartrate has been any where between 138 and 156, when I went for the scan to find out the sex a midwife said she thought I was having a girl because of how red my cheeks were. But because bubs had a higher heartrate the first time my partner was told by work collegues that they thought it was a girl so it is a common wives tale.
My babies has been progressively around the 155 range and I'm having a girl. The OB always comments about how it's a good strong heartbeat. I'd never heard of that before!

Hi, my baby's heart rate is sitting comfortably at 136 right now at 37 weeks. I remember the lady that did my 12wk scan said its normal for the babies heart rate to be a lot higher in the earlier stages of pregnancy as it was 170 at that stage. Im having a girl.

At my 12week scan they said its basically just double the mother's heart rate.
Our baby's heartbeat is about 150 generally and we are 85% (so said the ultrasound guy!) having a girl. I had never heard of this old wives tale though....Elena
My baby boys heart rate was always about 150. So didnt work for us.

I have also heard this tale. When I was pregnant with DD our midwife did say that higher rates are usually girls...and lower ones boys. This baby has a heart rate at 143 (at 28weeks), so it will be interesting what the sex is. My daughter did have quite a high rate, but I have forgotten exactly what it was.

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