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Due today and I'm still here!!! Rss

Hey Girls,

I am due today and I'm still here.

Well I'm starting to pains in my belly. i just thought i would keep you updated. i will be in and out of this site all day. i have to make a few phone calls. so i'll be back soon.


Happy Due Date Leenie......
Goodluck and hope things start happening for you soon

i feel for you Leenie - i have been thinking about you!
I didn't think i would still be here today. Last night I had mega painful contractions 10 mins apart that lasted for 2 hours. DH put the bags in the car and everything. Turned out to be false labour as they disappeared sad
Hopefully something happens for you today!!! - or me smile
was wondering if you were still here mammatojack...i had that on SaT (4 min apart and lasting for a minture...for 1.5hours...then they went away)

Me thinks these babies just like messing with our heads.
Happy due date.
Hope it happens for you today.

Wouldnt it be funny if the three of you went into labour the same day!!!

That would be a blast~

I would love her to come today...DS, my dad, and I are all born on the 6th, so one more would be cool.

But not feeling it.
that would be great if i could have him today. and is tam and mammatojack could as well. i'm going for a walk to the shop to buy batteries for the car alarm and probably will buy myself something to eat in the meantime.

i think that sounds like a plan. Me, Leenie and Tam should all have our babies today. Now can someone please point that out to the little people inside our tummies - i don't think they can hear us!!!
i dont think out babies are going to listen to us today for some reason. maybe they will induce me. i have appointment tomorrow to dissus other options, hopefully they will talk about inducing me asap. dp only has a week off. might beable to get another but probably since they are low on employees at the moment and becauseother people are also on holidays.

ooohhhh can i be in on that one too, every night i think im going into labour but no i end up feeling fine in the morning.

i hope you dont go to far over leenie.
i am thinking at this stage that i am going to go over. i have had 2 contractions today so far but they are a couple of hours apart.

So I'm still here

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