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Dad's visiting hours at the hospital Lock Rss

atour hospital they dont worriy to much about the dads staying , think realy they have a right to stay, times are more for relies and friends

Hi there,

After reading your post I thought WOW your hospital is really restrictive of visitng hours. But in reading all the answering posts, I realised that it's about the norm.

My hospital is a very small country hospital so I'm not sure if that impacts on the visiting hours. When I had DD, DH was encouraged to board with me overnight and could come and go as he pleased during the day. It was fantastic for helping me out and for DH and DD to bond.

With this next bub, DH will be staying at home with DD, but is welcome to come and go at any time.

As a nurse, myself, most of the hospitals I've worked in, in city areas, have pretty restrictive visiting times. But, I often allow close family members to stay outside of these hours, if they're quiet and not interrupting the ward.
[Edited on 16/04/2008]

Thanks Kim for a nurses point of view, and to everyone else for their helpful input. I don't feel like so bad now about wanting my DH with me after bub is born.

I have my visit and completion of booking in with the mid wives on 5 May, so you have given me some questions to pose to them. I may look at leaving work early and going to Melbourne with DH to have the baby there if in the end I'm not happy. But I'd prefer to stay here if I can. Will keep you all posted on the feed back from the mid wives. Thanks again! gasp) Hugs all round!
[Edited on 16/04/2008]

Hi Raech - congrats on your pregnancy

I live in a rural area, and our hospital has the same policy as yours.

My advice to you is to ignore the policy, as from experience, it's not enforced anyway.

When my son was born, I, like you, wanted DH to stay as long as possible. My son was born at 1pm, but I was in surgery until after 4pm, so couldnt spend any time with DH and DS until after 4pm. By 8:30pm a nurse told me that my husband should go home soon. I was really upset and offended by that! We just ignored her, and DH stayed a few more hours.

Every other night, no-one ever made mention of DH having to go home. At the time, he was working for himself, so couldn't visit us at all during the day, until at least 7-8pm each night. He stayed with us every night until around 11pm - midnight, and no one ever said anything. (I was actually keen for him to go home, coz I was pretty tired by then...)

I don't know whether the fact that I had my own room made any difference?!? We certainly kept to ourselves, and weren't too rowdy or anything. Maybe it would be different if I had to share a room, as I guess having visitors so late, or during rest time might disturb the other mum....??

Hi there

If you are in a public hospital I know they are very strict on visiting times with all fthe family including just need to tell them that he is staying when you need him... Private i am lucky my hubby can stay 24 hrs if he wants and just has to make his bed.
I am having my first so I can back this up with actual fact but acording to the hand out they gave me at my first a/n appointment
In the birthing and assesment unit low risk area they amount of people who visit and times are unrestricted unless advised otherwise
In high risk birthing and assesment unit only 3 people are allowed to visit at one time due to lack of waiting areas.
Womens health (where they ship you off too after bubs is born) 9am-11am is for partner visiting or one support person only. 11am-1pm & 3pm-8pm is general visiting. And 1pm-3pm is strictly no visiting/rest period.

This is a fairly big public hospital and I worked there for a while (just delivering food to patients nothing fantastic or anything) and from that I have noticed that it is pretty much lights out around 8ish. Also They offer a mothercarer service for mothers leaving within 24hrs after having bubs so I guess a lot take that option just so they can spend more time with their partners and bubs.
I gave birht to DS at 10.10pm at night . I needed to be stiched up , when I got back to my room DP was told to leave straight away from some pushy midwife as it was past visiting hours , he did not even get to hold DS . I was cranky at her but I was also tired.

just wanted to add, that another reason they restrict Hubby/partners visiting hours is because they want to make sure the Hubby/partner is getting sleep/rest also. Often we forget how tired and exhausted our partners are after supporting us (be prepared for everyone to ask him how he's doing!!!) through pregnancy and labour and how they just need a night or two of solid sleep.

Trust me, if your hubby has a few good nights sleep and a few hours of rest during the day whilst you're in hospital, you'll aprieciate it once you get home simply because he'll have the energy when your lacking it. Does that make sense?

Also, the other reason for the restricted visiting hours is that the Midwives want to ask private questions at a time that the mother is in a safe environment. Unfortunately, violence in the home is a reality for some women and their children and you'll find that you'll get asked questions relating to this by the midwives. They aren't doing it to question your husband, they're doing it for the safety of the mother and child and often for women & children at risk, this is the only time they can be asked the questions, given information safely and securely.

Enjoy your baby and you're going to love how much closer you and your husband will be with your addition : )



Hey there,
At some hospitals they allow the father to stay at the hospital 24/7. I was in for 1 week with my first and my DF slept at the hospital with me every night and only left the hospital when i requested KFC or Macca's, lol. There were also quite a few other fathers wondering around make their partners cups of tea in the middle of the night. It was quite a nice experience and i couldn't imagine my DF not being there for the first few nights, especially when its your first baby and eveything is new. The company was great also. Ask your hospital and you might be surprised, the majority of my friends all had the partners there with them over night and in different hospitals over Sydney.
I had my DD in a public hospital, and let me just say.. NEVER AGAIN.. my next will be in a private hospital.. I had my DD at 9:08pm.. My DP stayed the night with me which was good, and he tried to stay as much as he could.. but the nurses were ridiculous(sp?) they made him feel like he had no right to be at the hospital at all.. they kept telling him to go home and he shouldnt be there.. he ignored their opinions and stayed anyway.. and im gald he did as i wasnt checked on for the first 24hrs at all...
on the second night, the nurses made him leave at about 10pm.. only to be called to come back at 2am as i had some bad complications... he then didnt leave until i was out of hospital...

I was not impressed with the care i received at all... Night Staff were really nice.. but Day Staff were rude and arrigant(sp) I was sent home on the 3rd day, with complications still going, and with bleeding nipples (even after they told me they were concerned about it... yet they still forced me out...) i ended up being forced to stop BF when it could have been fixed, and had more problems out of hospital that the home nurses had to deal with....

sorry about my negative story... but i think if the hospital tells your partner to go home and your not comfortable with it... go on your gut instinct and let him stay...

If you can get into a private hospital.. i would recommend that.. i've been told hundreds of great stories about the private system.. like dinner is for partners aswell.. some even had beds for the partners, spa baths, some even have double beds.... my next will definately be in a private hospital......
That's terrible that you were treated like that.

I really think it just depends on each public hospital. And maybe even each nurse or midwife. I know a lot at mine overlooked DH being there.

I wouldn't pay the extra money to go private just so DH can stay all day and sleep there.

I am onto my 6th and I know that because I have private health insurance and get to have a private room there are no restrictions on DF's visiting times, he can stay the first night aswell if he wants. I know my DF doesn't like to stay and will go home when he is ready and he also has to look after the other children. It will really depend on what time we have this baby. My DF will probably only come in once or twice a day and he will probably only bring the kids in once a day because they get really restless and bored, but this time I am hoping to remember to bring in pencils and paper for them to draw on to keep them from being bored, also lots of food. (sorry that was a bit off topic LOL).

Anyway maybe if you have a talk to the midwives they should be fine with your partner staying as long as they like just so long as he isn't being too loud and you are getting enough rest.

Good luck with it all.

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