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Dad's visiting hours at the hospital Lock Rss

Hi All! I'm really new at this so sorry if I'm in the wrong area gasp)

I am 18 weeks pregnant and have just received the booking pack from the midwives at my hospital. I have previously lived in Capital Cities and now reside in a some what modern metropolitan country town, however, the hospital does not allow for Husbands to stay over night with the new mums and bub. This does not bother me so much, as there a still a lot of hospitals with this policy, however, the dad's supposedly have 'free visiting' rights. This is except for the prescribed rest period from 1200 - 1430, which I understand, but, the dads get kicked out between 8 - 830pm each night, and visiting doesn't start again until 1030 the next morning.

This is my first baby and my husband and I are very close. I always envisaged having my bub in Sydney or Melbourne where dad had no 'caviets' placed on him regarding visits, so it is a shock to me that I can't have him there if I want or need him. I understand that I will be tired and want my rest, as will bub, but I still feel a bit sad about the whole thing. What are your experiences or opinions with this one??

Thanks girls!

Our hospital has similar times, with our 1st daughter I was moved to my room right at 11 which was the start of rest time, I wasn't even on the bed before hubby got told he had to leave! this was from a very stern midwife who over the next couple of days I clashed with a few times, and have heard around our town that she's like it with everyone! We found tho that so long as your quiet, hubby can usually stay for an extra few hrs at night, without being shipped out! all our other midwives were fantastic by the way to! I feel that hubbys/partners should be allowed to stay as long as they like - it's their child as well!

I understand that this is distressing you at the moment - it did me to, but when the time comes, things will ususally just work out - just be sure to stand up for yourself and speak out. Ask questions an your midwives visits, I'm sure they can help you, I don't want you to stress about it for the next 22 weeks!

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I agree with the last post you'll find that if you're quiet they generaly let you get away with him visiting longer!

This is my first baby too but i've seen lots of my friends have bubs and hubby is normaly allowed to visit anytime ya just gotta be sneaky and on a good side with midwives.
There will be some times of the day you just want to rest from the exhaustion of it all too!
Don't worry things will fall into place! Concentrate on growing a healthy bub and enjoy watching your tummy and grow and all the kicks that come along!

Best of luck xo
My mum Refused to leave me when i have my DD. i was 17 and even if i was asleep at 9pm she would stay till about 11 incase DD woke up she didn't want me been disturbed, then she was back at about 8am. no one really minded (im in NZ though) But i guess it depends on if your in a private room or not, and of course grumpy midwifes.

good luck!! xox

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i had dd1 at 12.29am and got transfered to ward at 3am (had to wait for epi to wear off and had 2 showers in delivery ward) my dp stayed until 4 am then was back at 8 am left at 9pm that night as the hossie said no partners in rooms but they had tv room we could sit in my dp came at 8 am the following morning and i left the hospital at 11 that day after bub had hearing check and hep b shots so i was only in for 36 hours after bub was born looking at stayin the minimum this time (i spent 4 months in hospital when preg with dd1) so i hate them
Thanks so much every one! It makes me feel better having your 'help'. Thanks ;o)


With my hospital they let the fathers in from 8:00am-10:00pm and they don't have to leave for the exclusive times either which is good. Although I found that DF would come up later anyway as it's not very fun up at the hospital. Not sure how it will go this time around seeing as it's baby #2 and DS is only 12 months old. Generally I think they are pretty lenient though, if DF stayed a little later or came a little earlier they didn't mind but I was only in hospital for 2 days.

My hospital was really great regarding fathers. THey said as long as we were quiet he can stay for as long as he wants. DH went back to work the few days i was in hospital so he would come up on his lunch break which was 12 and the 'NO VISITORS AT ALL' time. But they were fine with him there.

Hospitals kicking fathers out...? That's just ridiculous!!! Especially if you're in a private room, what difference does it make to the rest of the maternity ward whether your partner is there or not? I understand lots of family and friends coming and going, but why should the hospital dictate when he can be there to spend time with the baby?? Even with shared rooms, I'm sure if you kept your voices down nobody would complain (unless they are spiteful and nasty) - all new mothers understand the importance of having partners with them in the hospital at every opportuntity. No pushy midwife can tell your partner when he can and canot see his baby - that's stupidity at its finest!
Wow - I don't think I would go to a hospital that had restrictions on when the father could be there! At the hospital I go to DH can be there whenever he wants. If he wants a meal at night he has to book it with mine the day before (or whenever the form goes in). If he wants to sleep there he has to make his own bed. That's about the only rules they have.

It's little things like this that make me so glad I have private cover!
Hi well i have never heard of a father being kicked out of the hospital for rest time. or having to come after 10:30.

When i was in hospital having both my boys(seperate time lol not twins) Hubby was aloud there as early as 6:30-7am and if he wanted to which he did he was loud to stay until 8-9pm at night. there were set times for visting hours but that was for family and friends not dads and other chidren.

This time i am not sure whats going to happen as i may have to have a c-section and also i am going to a different hospital. So yeah a bit concerned now lol.

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My hospital lets fathers stay overnight if they want. They can also visit at anytime day or night. Im a public patient in a small hospital. When I had DS I had him at lunch time so DP stayed until about midnight then left although he could have stayed the night if he wanted but he had to go home for DD who was there with my sister, This was in a bigger public hospital.

This time I am planning on only staying the minimum required amount of time so visiting hours wont be too much of a problem since I hope to only be there 12 to 24 hours.

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