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Heartburn.. Lock Rss

i should add if your going to try the milk thing use skim milk cause the fats in full cream wont do it any good.
Hi this is my first and ive been using rennie they work most of the time if its really bad i try sipping milk which seems to do it i also asked my midwife and she reccommended zantac hope you find sumthing that works for you :0)

I have had reflux really bad. My midwife recommended 20mls of Gaviscon liquid before bed and thats been working really well at night. I have a glass of milk (with Milo added yum) also which is good, the midwife said even during the day keep sipping on milk as that neutrislises it and I have found that to be correct.

I also noticed that and fizzy drinks or eating to bigger meals can bring it on and they say that you should wait 2 - 3 hours before bed/laying down after your evening meal.


Hi there,

am 32 weeks now and have had terrible heartburn with everything i eat from about 18 weeks. Dealt with it miserably for the first few weeks, then went to chemist coz i was dying!

mylanta and gaviscon i was told both contained aluminium in small quanties and the only one that didn't was Tums.

Well tried TUMS and OMG it works instantly! and it has seriously been my best friend the last few months, you can take several a day and they taste just like Vitamin C.

don't just put up with it, get some Tums and feel better!

Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!

Brooke, Qld, 4 1/2 yr boy, 11 week old baby boy t

I had heartburn right through my pregnancy with DS. There are these tablets u get in your bounty bag they work excellent, or even just a glass of milk, it worked wonders for me
Hi all i'm just 9 weeks and i've had it since 5 weeks. I've had some stomach issues before falling pregnant but nothing like this heartburn. I have it 24/7 along with the old vomiting of acid that makes me cry like a baby.

My GP prescribed mylanta and just very small doeses. IT works for a few mins then it's back to the pain. Somedays i'm so tempted to gulp that entire bottle cuz i'm not getting any relief but there is a warning at the back for pregnant women. Someone suggested i use Gaviscon chewables...omg the most disgusting taste triggers my vomiting.Will try tums and the bi carb soda in some water. I've also tried milk and because i wasn't using milk before i tend to get diarrhea lol. I feel like a basketcase at the's my first and very scary.

I Have been gotting heart burn since i fell preggs i reacon and now i find that if i prop myself up in bed i dont get it as bad and just take plenty of mylants and quick ezes

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