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It feels like forever! Rss

Everyone tells me that my pregnancy will fly by, but it isnt! I am only 7 weeks, I found out when I was 2-3 weeks which was so early, the doctor told me I was further along but I wasn't. It feels like the last 4 weeks have been going on forever. I want to feel it move, I want it to be more real, when will this happen? Does anyone else ever feel this way?
i hear you... I have been waiting for my 12 week mark.... I'm almost there...

Just hang in there.

i know what you mean! i knew pretty much at conception, then had the tww which dragged something shocking. now we don't want to tell anyone til we get to 12 weeks, but god it seems ages away.
felt the same wiht ds, only at the end did i think, gee that went fast.
just gotta keep busy busy busy.

Hey ladies,

I know exactly how you feel.... Im nearly 35wks and the first trimester went slow, then the second flew by and now it is dragging again, bring on the next 5wks is all i have to say......
At least we arent like elephants who are preggers for like 22 months hehehe i dont think i could handle that.......

Is this everyone's first bubby???

Yes this is my first. I was so scared when I found out as I am 22 and alot of people say thats too young but now I am so excited. My boyfriend and I are already buying little bits and bobs with the weekly shopping like baby wipes, baby powder, bathtime wash and so on.
Well congrats to you!!! This is my first too, and thats a great idea.... We started buying nappies, lotions etc with our weekly shop too, and now we are all prepared!!! Its alot easier especially if only one of you is working like in our house.....
Im 25 and im scared too, just about how bub has to come out hahaha but i know i will be ok. The best advice ever given to me is read, read and read some more, so i have read so much!!!!
When are you due?
Yeh all I do is read also. But I don't think I will ever be prepared, I guess i'll have to learn as I go:) I've been around children all my life though as my mum is a day care mum and I have 3 nephews 4, 2 and 4 months so I do know I spose the basics. I'm due on November 9th. My Bday is Nov 13 so it looks like I'll be getting an early gift:)
I have been watching the TV show From here to maternity and that is really good. The labour part really scares me but they do have pain killers for a reason.
Do you know what you are having?
Yeh i have seen that show, but i try not to watch them as i cry at them and then my fiance laughs at me etc haha but i do watch them when he is at work haha i cry to myself anyways...
Yeh we are having a little boy smile very excited, me and DF had a bet going before we knew what we were having, i thought a girl, he thought a boy and it was worth $50, so yeh i lost that one hehe Ive been around kids forever too, i used to work in childcare and my sister has 3 kids, 6, 3 and 10months but they all live in W.A (i live in QLD) Where abouts do you live?
I'm in Sydney. I seem to cry at most shows lately, when my boyfriend laughs at me I blame it on the pregnancy but really I am just a sook, especially when it comes to Animal shows, they are the worst.
I would really like a girl. There are so many boys in the family, everyone seems to have boys so I would like to be different but either way as long as its healthy. I have also found that there are so many names for girls but boys names seem to be harder to choose. Have you chosen yet?

I was exactly the same with my first pregnancy. It seemed like it went on and on and on... now with this 2nd pregnancy gosh it's just gone like that. I'm 32 weeks on friday and it seems like just the other day i was 3 weeks.

Yeh i agree, there are so many girls names and not alot of boys names out there but we have settled on Angus Benjamin..... Angus is for the scottish part of my DF's family and Benjamin was my cousins name who passed away a while ago, so it was pretty easy to come up with a name..... Its the same as clothes, so much for little girls but hardly anything for little boys, its rather frustrating actually.....
When i went to my OB appointment the other week i was told i was having a big baby too, so that doesnt help my nerves at all hehe Oh well he will take after his dad i guess, Matt is 6'1 and muscle man hahaha
I want a little girl, so i think we will have to try for another one in a few years, i love being pregnant though smile
Im THE BIGGEST sook when it comes to shows, i cry at Extreme Makeover home edition hahaha ahhh the joys of being pregnant i guess
The only names I have decided on are the bub's middle names. If its a girl the middle name will be Adele (my name) and if its a boy it's middle name will be Grant (boyfriends name). My sisters and I all have my mums name as a middle name and my brothers all have my dads. I guess its something that ties you to your parents and I've always liked that. My sister kept trying for a girl and she now has 3 boys hahaha and I think she is going to try AGAIN! I think she is going about it the wrong way ahahaha.
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