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I am hating being Pregnant.i cant handle it at night, especially when crying to DP begging him to help me (no idea how he is meant to) its not what i expected. everyone i spoke to said they loved it... but i cant wait till it ends. when i am really upset i find myself yelling at my bump telling the baby to stop f'n moving. am i strange? i always wanted a big family of 4-6 kids but i dont want to be pregnant again... please offer advise/storys to help as i cant handle it and want this baby out, when i have 4-6 weeks left

I hate it to - so you are not alone - i just get heaps bad m/s, leg cramps and the worst indegestion - i have come to the conclusion my body dislikes pregnancy.

but when it is all over and you are holding your bubs it is all worth it. Watching them grow and discover new things makes it all the better and specially when they first smile at you - you know you could put up with it again.

Most of the time when bubs is moving they are having there awake periods and its a way of getting your body used to being awake at all hours of the night when they are born.

As much as everyone says rest when you can and once they are born have sleeps when they sleep - do it, as it helps so much and it also means a happy mum and happy baby.

But if you find it to much - talk to your midwife or talk to someone it does help and just keep counting down the days lol it will fly by and you will wonder why you were upset.


hey chick, i know how you feel it is uncomfy but when bubs is here your body is already ready for the late nights and broken sleep:) it isnt long now and just wait it is all worth it in the end ever wana chat pm me i have 6 weeks to go to!

3 under 4 and loving it!

Hey Babe
You're not strange at all. It is called HORMONES for a start. Not everyone is lucky enough to have the perfect pregnancy (whatever that is).
With DS I wasn't really enjoying it. MS took ages to fade away - and although I dodn't throw up once, the constant nausea was just so horrible.
I never got the mid trimester energy cr@p they talk about, and when I was about 6-7 wks to go I had had enough and wanted my baby out - mainly for the pregnancy to be over, but also to meet my son and start being a family.

And ya know what? He must've heard me cos he was born at 36 wks exactly!!

I fell pregnant accidentally this time around when DS was only 11 mths old!! I cried when I found out, I just was not ready to do it all over again. BUT!!! This pregnancy is totally opposite to last time.

MS ended at 11-12 wks. I have heaps more energy lately, and not quite as hormonal as last time.
I feel better physically, which helps me feel better emotionally.

When you meet your little baby, it will all be worth it I promise!!!! And fingers crossed your next pregnancy is more enjoyable for you.


Mum to Hayden (21mths) and Brodie (10wks)

thanks girls. i just really needed to know i was normal. i never got m/s but my muscles gave way as early as 12 weeks. so since then i have hated it as i cant do anything without pain. today i cacked and just really needed time out, but dp has his son and cant really get it without the screaming and stuff (he is 2)

thank you so much for making me feel normal

OMG, one thing I absolutely HATED when I was pregs was people coming up and saying "you're so lucky, I loved being pregnant"... I swear some days it took all my strength not to punch them in the nose!

Nobody loves being pregnant 100% of the time, even people who supposedly "love" being pregnant will have off days. It's hard, emotional and stressful on your body! Just because it's natural, doesn't mean it's fun!

You're not alone babe... big hugs for you!

haha, i have wanted bub out for ages too now,
just wait.. it gets worse hehehe
but i do enjoy being pregnant at times, but like u get really sick of kicks and movement after awhile,
i think its just cause it does get uncomfy
Yeah I hate it too and I'm having piggy number 5. Try not to get angry with your 'bump' as it can hear you and responds to your voice. Try to find another way to express your frustration and displeasure. I used to scream blue murder into a pillow and another time took a foam pool stick and belted the crap out of the piano,that was until I was busted by my partner. It was pretty imbarrassing. Anyway you get the point, find something that works for you. I hope your birth is sooner rather than later!!
I hated being pregnant too. People would say how much they loved being pregnant...and the worst...morning sickness will pass!
Morning sickness passed when my DD was born...39weeks! AAARGGHHH!!! I hated it.
I used to complain about the backaches, the vomiting, how my life had changed and DH was the same, how I couldn't drink/eat anything because I threw it up all the time...
I think I made DH feel really guilty for getting me pregnant!

I also didn't get the big belly...and felt that people probably just thought I was fat, not pregnant.

But the day she was was all worth it. I love my DD with all my heart. And yes my life has changed so much, and for the I have this love I never knew existed.

But I don't think I want to be pregnant again...I don't think I want to go through all that again. People tell me I will forget is still with me...I didn't enjoy anything about being pregnant, except for the scans, I loved seeing the scans and hearing her heartbeat. But will I do it again??? I don't might take me a few years!
The birth was so much easier...(probably only because it was only a day of labour, not 39weeks!)
Meanwhile...I enjoy my DD every second...and yes I am glad I went through the pregnancy, just so i can hold her and see her smile and know I made her!
I've been moaning about being pregnant since I found out. I absolutely HATE being pregnant.
It just doesn't agree with me.
I'm even at the point where in a couple of weeks I'm thinking of encouraging this fella to get out early!
I'm just soooooo over it!
I can't say I enjoyed any of my pregnancies - this one is the worst.
However please check with your doctor if you have pre-natal depression. Wnating to yell at the bump is different to being sick of the limitations and pains of pregnancy. Put your feet up and call your mum or mum substitute to come and take care of you for a day or two..
Im sorry laddies i have to disagree with most off you! I couldnt say I hate beeing pregnant? Thing off the end result? I also have only 6 weeks to go and my son was 13 months when i feel pregnant, and yes i agree it gets uncomfortable and annoying besides the movements and kicks i absolutly love!!!! i lie there and try get bub to move half the time, and thats one thing i missed when no1 was born no more kicks! I luckly enough never got much m/s but i am quiet big, if im on my feet for 10mmins they swell and ache and i have no energy and to top it off for the last 4 days ive had a tummy bug and lived on the loe with tummy pains but i wouldnt say i hate it. Think about all those ladies out there who try and try to experience it, and are unlucky. Enjoy it becuase ur a lucky one!
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