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Ask Our Midwife Your Pregnancy Questions Lock

Hi to all our members, Just to let you know that our midwife Alex, is available to answer your P...

30 replies

Lmp was Jan.8.2020. Started having positives since Feb.7.2020. Had blood work done for hcg on Saturday night going into early Sunda...


Your Pregnancy Tips Lock

Hi to all our members. Have you got some tips on Pregnancy that you could share with other Mum's...

101 replies

I think you could also try some of these tips out. They're aimed to help to improve egg quality. Get at least 8 glasses of pure...


How many of Ivf rounds needed

Hi I have just been advised we need to do ivf to conceive. I have had one ovary removed due to c...

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How do I fix Roadrunner email login problems?

To fix Roadrunner email login problems, you need to be sure of proper internet connection. Restar...

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How do I fix Roadrunner email login problems?

To fix <a href=" email login problems&l...

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Can I try a new hair extensions during my pregnancy?

I have thought for a new hair look for my baby shower party and I want to try this hair weave htt...

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Trisomy 18

Hi all! I just need to hear some of your experiences with testing for trisomy 18. I had the NIPT...

1 reply

Hi! I havent been in this situation, but I know you must be feeling so stressed out. Firstly, the NIPT and maternal serum/nuchal tra...


low hcg levels

has anyone had really low hcg levels at week four but gone on to have a normal healthy pregnancy?

2 replies

That time is very crucial for everybody but you can maintain the score of healthy with new articles reading that will pump you up fo...


How many times have you seen a midwife/obstetrician from your hospital?

Hi All, This is my first pregnancy and I am 27 weeks and 3 days. So far I have seen one midwife a...

10 replies

That's definitely strange. I've seen my doctor at least once in 2 weeks during my first pregnancy. I am sure they should a...


amnio with my twins.

I had to have an amnio with my twins. I found the waiting for results the worst. Sorry I don...

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I have already had a bub but not for 5 years and so I have forgotten what this part of pregnancy ...

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First timer

I am 6 weeks in bloated like a beached whale, I have cramps, nausea and no energy. First timer an...

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Mumma Laama

Larger family size.

Just wanting to connect with and hear from an ladies who have had 6 babies or are pregnant with 6...

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Huggies for babies

Huggies the great product for babies this product was very helpful for the user. So buy huggies i...

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38weeks & getting super down

Hi ladies, I’m currently 38weeks pregnant with my 4th(7year age gap) & I an really strugglin...

2 replies

God Bless You <a href="">Freedom Bra</a>


5 weeks and always hungry Lock

Hi ladies, I've just gone 5 weeks and I'm always hungry!! I notice that I'm eating...

2 replies

We all are hunger to remove our hunger we have to understand everything which is important to done. Not all of can remove or take be...


Early stages of pregnancy Lock

Hi ladies, I’m just under 4 weeks pregnant and have known for 1 week. I’m so scared of something...

1 reply

Hi there, unfortunately I can't offer much advice but I can offer some empathy, if that helps?? I noticed no one had responded ...


Prepping For IVF Lock

Hi Everyone, I am facing infertility issues. Now, I am preparing for IVF Treatment and I am scare...

14 replies

you can take consultant from gaudiumivfcentre :


High Risk results NT scan - Anyone like to join a support group Lock

Hi there Fellow Huggies Club Mummies and Daddies. I am 13 weeks pregnant and have recived the n...

19 replies

Hi everyone , I’m 29 years old and 12 weeks pregnant with my second child / my daughter is 6 and healthy. I find out yesterday when ...


help maybe Lock

I'm 38 weeks and 4 days pregnant with my first child. Lately my chest will hurt when I breat...

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Free Antenatal Classes for first time Mum Lock

Hi, I'm a first time Mum and I'm 29 weeks pregnant. I've been trying for weeks to find free ante...

8 replies

torrylanes123 wrote: Wow, I was searching for some classes like this! Hi, it’s probably very hard for you now, because a child requ...


Prodromal Labor: Definition, Causes, And How To Cope-Up Lock

The word “labor” in terms of pregnancy is attached with a very beautiful experience called childb...

1 reply

A lot of useful guidelines are here for the new becoming parents. And this information is about the mothers and how to take care of ...


Surprise pregnancy 7 months after 2nd C Section. I'm freaking out!!! Lock

Hi Mums, I have a 3 year old and 7 month old, both delivered by C Section. In fact I had challen...

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Any similar stories Lock

Lmp was Jan.8.2020. Started having positives since Feb.7.2020. Had blood work done for hcg on Sa...

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Tips for morning (all day) sickness welcome! Lock

Hi. I’m 7 weeks and really struggling with nausea all day. I’ve tried vitamin B6, ginger, even M...

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Pregnant and work... Wanting to leave work??! Lock

Hey all, Just wandering how everyone felt when they were pregnant and working? I work in a busy f...

12 replies

Hey Ellie, I can only imagine how exhausting it must be working in the busy hustle and bustle of retail WHILE pregnant! It's h...


Morning sickness, how much is too much vomiting? Lock

Hi guys! I'm currently 8 weeks 2 days along in my pregnancy and have had some awful morning...

8 replies

Throwing up is not a good feeling infect no can think about it but sometimes throwing up can become necessary for us. Throwing up yo...


Low HCG levels of 300 at 5 weeks & 1 day. Lock

HiLadies, I really need some help ( & opinions ). I am 5 weeks & 1 day pregnant. I concieved o...

11 replies

I had the same thing happen to me! I was 5 weeks and my levels were the exact same as yours, with bleeding at the start. It turned...


Extremely struggling Lock

Hi everyone, Currently 11weeks pregnant with our 4th baby. Previously have 3 sons. This pregnanc...

3 replies

worldcenterofbaby Thanks for information.