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i hate him Rss

i hate my bf,hes lazy,totally selfish,doesnt care about anyone but himself..hes 20 and acts like a 5 yr worried as this is my first baby,that ill be looking after 2 children.he says if i leave hell make my life hell.

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id be effing him write off.
i thought the same about my partner before we had our first but i said..
look if your not gonna wisen up and help take care of the responsibilitey then theres the door you need to leave. im not gonna look after you and a baby.
well from that day forward he has been a changed man.
altho he is also 20 but has days where he too acts like a 5 year old and i think about slapping him about
but someone who says they will make your life hell if you leave them is verbally abusing you
you dont need that s h i t
if he doesnt wisen up id be leaving him.

Where does he get off threatening 'If you leave me....'
Kick him to the cirb and look after yourself and bubby. Do you have supportive family and friends around?

yeah i got my mum and my mums mum but like wheneva i have big blow ups with him,i ring her and ask if she can come get me cos i have no transport,and shes like na u have to sort it out urself..she can b a real ****.she thinks im taking the easy road out.whateva that is..she dont relise he's a rite ****.
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Your mother doesn't realise that leaving you in an environment filled with stress is very bad on your baby.

I would be leaving that drop kick and telling him to kiss my natural white @ss, my partner was 20 when we were pregnant with our son who is now 1.. and they aren't all bad.

And what does he think he is gonna do to make your life hell?.. be even more lazy and selfish and stupid?? lol

Ky,Tristan 1year old

leave the boyf, if he's not going to help or doing anything useful you're only hurting yourself and your kids health

forget your mother, if she can't see the situation you are in is dangerous and affecting your health then she needs a big slap in the face

try contacting your local womens centre or the hospital you are attending should be able to help you contact someone who can help you with your situation. If they believe that your boyf will do you and the baby harm they will help you do something about him.

you can't stay in a relationship that's that bad and affects your health and the baby's.

Find a friend who will happily come and get you when you need them to (I have a couple on standby if I have a bad breakdown).

Tell him to grow up or leave. Simple. Maybe move in with a girlfriend for a while - will help him realise how much you do.

Hope you can work it all out - sit down with your mum and have a proper conversation about everything, and make her understand - she's a mother she should realise that this situation is not healthy for you or your baby.
im 19 and my other half is 25 but they still dont grow up and mine didnt right up until i had our little girl a month ago now hes just turned into this grumpy old dad haha but wants to do the family walks and bike rides and all those things. however still doesnt lift a finger which i dont really mind coz im the one at home all day but seriously id be having words to him about this if he doesnt wise up then i say let him go....i actually left my other half for 5 months of my pregnancy. i didnt even speak to him i hated him that much but if their hearts are in it they do a complete 360 in their ways and turn out fantastic (hes even begging me to try for number two already) but just do what you think is right for your child not for him....
I was wondering how it was all going. Has anything changed? Have you spoken to your mum?

I would leave him seriously its not worth it. You dont need the stress. You will be a much better parent to your little baby without him,as when your cranky with him you will probably get cranky at your baby when you normally wouldnt. He says he will make your life hell i would threaten him with not being able to see his child and take him for everything his got.
hi everyone.thanks for all your advice..well he has been better i guess but he's still a real lazy,muney hungry asshole.i try not to threaten him that im leaven even though 9 times out of 10 i sooo want to,but when i do he just uses shit against me like he'l get custody cos im a alcoholic*which im not)i used to have a problem but since ive been pregnant ive given up my partying ways and totaly clean.i get really pissed off when he says that cos he's the one that smokes pot 20 times a day,even smokes it in the house.i tell him not to cos he's gotta learn that u cant smoke in the house with a baby..he rekons that he will stop WHEN baby is here.but i cant help but think really sucks cos we live with his dad and younger brother(16) and his dad u cant really sosilise with and the three of them are always argueing.cos no one does anything in the house.they get yelled at to do stuff and then they always yelling back that they do everything when its not.i do everything and then take the credit.while im fat as,just about to drop and yet he cant help me do nuthing.i had to mow the lawns the other day cos my bf just wanted to sit on his bum and play computer games which he does all day long.the thing is that the computer is in our room and at nite time i like to shut down about 10 and sleep in peace but my unconsiderate bf plays computer games till late as(u CANT tell him no he cant.he packs a MEAN mental and sulks that nuthing ever goes his way.he said to me that i have to learn to sleep with the tv going.which i cannot.we r foreva argueing about that.he can always go out into the lounge and watch tv but no he HAS to watch it in bed.MALES I HATE THEM!

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My heart really goes out to you i just wish you could leave do you have any one to support you. About him smoking he shouldn't be worrying about when the baby gets here he should be worrying about now as you are breathing it in so its not good for you or the baby. If he cant give up now how is he going to give it up when the babys here and its crying and his stressed out. Theres no way he would quit at that stress full time. I personnally think you should see about leaving see where you stand he cant just take the baby of you. How far have you got befor bubs is born. I know that my bestfriend has to kids and she was in an abusive relationship she went to i think it was the salvos and they gave here a place to stay. Theres alot of options out there please dont stay because you think you cant do it on your own. How old are you and him. Does he even work.
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