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Sex Dreams during pregnancy? *Blush* Lock Rss

OK with my first 2 pregnancies I had no sex drive at all! (I have 2 girls)
I don't think I have ever had a sex dream in my life.....until this (so embarrasing) I am having them nearly every night, sometimes more than one a night.
Has/does anyone else get them? I googled it and read an old wives tale that having sex dreams/sex drive during pregnancy means the baby is a boy, so I am also interested to know if anyone else has found this true or false.
One of my friends got pregnant in year 12 and I remember her telling us at school about how horny she was all the time during pregnancy, she had a boy......

Yep I'd go with that theory tongue last pregnancy was a boy, my first was a girl lol

I had no sex drive at all with DS, and as far as I can remember no dreams either.

With this baby I have had a few rather explicit dreams gasp But then I have been having a lot of generally weird dreams this time too.

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I had no sex drive with DD but had some awesome sex dreams! This time, no sex dreams as yet and no sex drive.

I had mixed sex drive with my first (girl) some dreams too, but certainly no interest whatsoever in the last 2 months or so.

with my 2 boys I had no dreams and no interest at all pretty much from day dot.

with #4..weve been told is a girl.. ive had a lot of dreams but still no real sex drive overall. esp not now at 37 weeks lol...last thing on my mind

so I don't find the wives tale true at all in my case.
This boy theory works for me, have had 3 boys and sex drive was through the roof all 3 times *blush*
I won't be finding out Bubs sex until he/she is born which is why is is playing on my mind so much I guess. LOL. My only differences so far as that at my scan my dates were changed to bub being due a week sooner (or just a big baby) where as my others scan made them due later than I thought, morning sickness was stronger (so much vomiting) but stopped sooner, and these crazy sexualy hormones!

I've got 3 girls,and never really took note,but I had no sex drive at all during the pregnancys,just weird dreaming wink
I did giggle when I read this discussion! My first, a girl, nothing - my second (current) pregnancy, a boy, crazy sexy dreams! Maybe there's something to the old wives tale lo!!
My first two were girls and I wasn't as interested in sex during pregnancy. This pregnancy I can't get enough, I'm really hoping it means I'll have a boy!

During my first pregnancy I was as cold as ice - I had absolutely no desire whatsoever (girl). This time I have been horny as hell. This is not a good thing when I'm in hospital and can't act upon these interests and really awkward when I wake up after a vivid dream. This baby is a boy...

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I have 2 girls and the first NO Sex Drive at all. Think we were lucky to have sex 4 times. Poor DH lol. I was pretty sick the whole way through so I put it down to that. DD#2 all I wanted was sex and had the most vivid sex dreams!!
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