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Breastfeeding while pregnant Rss

Hi Ladies
I just discovered im pregnant with number 2 smile but i am still breastfeeding my first son who is 12 months old. Anyone done this and anyone have any ideas or nutrition advice? I am only just starting to return to my pre baby size after having my son, so now i am concerned i am going to put on too much weight with pregnancy number 2.
I fed dd til I was 6 months preg with ds. She weaned herself at this stage, she just wasn't interested anymore. (she was 15 months) It's really up to you how long you feed for, how long you think you can keep it up. I got a bit tired, but I found if I kept up the multivitamins and Iron tablets, I was fine. If my milk supply got low, I had lots of high protein food (meat, dairy, nuts etc) and that helped to boost it.

Good luck and congratulations!
unfortuneately my DD weaned herself when i was preg with DS but she was only 8 months at the time <span class="emoticon sad">sad</span> i wouldve kept feeding for sure if she was interested. ive had a friend who fed her DS1 almost her whole preg with DS2, he weaned at 16months. she said she never had any issues with nutrition, she just kept on taking her preg/bf vitamin (i think she was using blackmores?) and made sure to keep a good eye on her iron levels. but her DS1 only fed twice a day, in the morning and before bed at night so it wasnt really an issue at all. and DS2 was born perfectly healthy and had no issues during preg sure its safe to continue if you want to. maybe call the Aus breastfeeding Ass. theyre really helpful
hi there,
when i was bf-ing my DS#1, I got pregnant with DS#2, and feed right through my first trimester. Was hard sometimes as nausea was bad while feeding.
I and DS#1 (kinda weaned) I had one day of discomfort where i popped DS#1 on for 5 mins each side and that was that, when I was at end of first trimester.
There really is no need to stop, the breast can produce two types of milk if need be, if you're planning on tandem feeding (i thought that was amazing)
The taste of the breastmilk does change when you become preggies again, and some babies dont like the change....
Up your protein, cos you are growing a babe, and watch your vitamin intake, look after your body.
Hi there,

I bf right through my pregnancy and even on the day I gave birth to dd2. Nutrition good quality foods and a large variety of them. Drink water. Forget about what your pregnancy weight does. Just keep up regular exercise - whatever your body is used to and eat well. You can't do more then that and you don't want to compromise either your pregnancy or bf to maintain a weight that is obviously going to change. You don't necessarily have to stack on weight because you are pregnant. Peoples diets often play a part. I lost 10k prepregnancy weight with both girls. So basically I would have a baby and be 10k lighter then I was before I was pregnant. then everyone would bring bun to celebrate and it would go out the window....but there you go!
All the best with it!
Thanks Ladies. smile

There really is no need to stop, the breast can produce two types of milk if need be, if you're planning on tandem feeding (i thought that was amazing)
The taste of the breastmilk does change when you become preggies again, and some babies dont like the change....

this absolutley fascinates me and i am in awe of what our amazing bodies are designed to do each and every day.
My DD has just turned 1, still happily breastfeeding and 22wks pregnant with baby no.2. My DD wants to feed constantly and at the point i'm looking forward to see if we can tandem feed. DD can help when milk comes in smile
Just wanted to say i just found this thread and found it very helpful. i am an active member of the australian breastfeeding association but dont know anyone who has tandem fed. i have just found out i am pregnant again and still feeding my DD who is 19 months usually once or twice a day. i am not sure if we will tandem feed but i wanted to feed her untill she was 2 and i am hoping to not push her off the breast untill she is ready smile


does anyone have any tips for me? I'm breastfeeding my 15month old, and am just reaching the end of my first trimester. I am finding it very painful to breastfeed, but planned to wean her at 18months (after winter). I used to use breastfeeding tea to prevent blockages, but cant have that now I
m pregnant... nor take pills I used to take for 'reynauds' (lowering of bloodflow to the extremities) that can cause sore breasts as you cant start on those until after 36wks. I'm using woollen breastpads, and massaging in the shower. I spoke to a specialist midwife (senior lecturer at local University), but she seemed to be saying its just part of bf while pregnant, and to feed less often, but bub seems to be feeding more often as she's teething (and maybe liking the taste of my milk?)

Any other ideas? I feel really sad about having to wean now
For me pain was a part of BFing while pregnant, some times it was worse then others, but it was never normal feeling. It was worse earlier on and the huge demand for feeds is likely to be her attempt to get you to make more milk as your supply tapers off as pregnancy progresses - this ended in the next few weeks for me (as it wasn't successful given the hormones at play). There is light at the end of the tunnel, but I can't imagine anyone who has been there blaming you if you choose to stop now. I hope you have a wonderful pregnancy.

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