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Pregnancy fitness DVD's Rss

Hi Ladies,

TTC #2 soon and i am determined to keep fit throughout my next pregnancy (became a bit of a sloth with DD!)

Can anyone recommend any good fitness DVDs? I don't think my TAEBO ones will be much good to me!

I think my zumba dvd's are like your taebo ones.

When i was pregnant with DD, i had pregilates, i found it great, from early pregnancy to late it gave different ways of doing it depending on how far along or uncomfortable it was. I am going to buy a pregnancy yoga one this time (i found heaps on ebay) and give them a go this time as unfortunaltey i sold my pregilates one.
I bought "Preggi Bellies" at a Baby Expo a few years ago, but I think you can also buy it online. It's easy to follow (you need a fitball), and quite enjoyable.
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