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How much did you weigh before getting pregnant, and what have you gained so far? Lock Rss

I was around 52 before bubs and at 34 weeks have gained close to 17kgs, although i don't know where it all is, seeing as i have a very small bump and no other visible signs of weight gain :-S . I eat VERY well and exercise daily so I know i shouldn't worry - but i do. I hope these last few weeks taper off with weight gain.

I think its cos i was slightly underweight when i conceived so bubs must have needed the extra weight...?

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I was on weight watchers before I fell pregnant and was 83 kgs when I fell. Went down to 74.7kgs and up to 76kgs and 19 weeks preggers

Hoping to not go over 85kgs by the end

Hey everyone,

I'm currently 33 weeks pregnant and have put on 4kg. With my son I put on around 16kg so I am happy if I can stay away from that figure because being only 5'2 you could really see it all over gasp ..
I'm almost 38 weeks now and so far have put on about 15kg. I guess it all depends on the person though.
I started off around 60-65kg and am now just under 80kg.
I went for a scan at 36 weeks and the estimated weight for my baby is 3.4kg =)
Pre pregnancy I sort of hovered between 67 and 70 (I am just on six foot tall) and at 12 weeks I am 70 - so early days for me! To the other tall ladies out there - are you concerned that you can kind of get away with putting on more weight due to your height? (not that that's a bad thing smile ) The other issue I have is that my method keeping myself healthy has always been team sports like netball and footy rather than really watching what I eat. But dr. has been pretty clear about not playing those kind of sports while pregnant.
Azalea, you bump looks gorgeous - hoping that's how I will carry!
When I found out I was pregnant I was 109kg, I am now 28 weeks and weigh about 118kg, yikes. When I was preg with dd I managed to put on 21kg, heres hoping I don't put that much on again.


I weighed 64kg and only have 8 weeks to go in my 2nd pregnancy,
I have only gained 6kg so far... that makes me 70kg!

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i have already gained 5kgs and im only 8 weeks pregnant. due to having to eat carbs all day to keep away nausea. really sucks.


I am almost 37wks pregnant with my first..

My initial weight pre pregnancy was 49kg and I'm now up to 67.6kgs! Yikes!!

I'm only 5ft 1.

It seems to be mostly baby weight though and not all over although my butt is a little bigger!

I also only just started seeing the appearance of a couple of small stretch marks above my belly button in the last couple of days.

I am told though by drs that I have quite a large baby!

i feel like a fat lard then cus before DD i was 74kgs and went up to 104kgs before her birth..thats 30kgs!..11 months later i was down to 77kgs and pregnant 21 weeks pregnant im up to 94kgs already thats thats 17kgs already and i dont want to think about how much more i will gain
Well I was 68 kgs when I conceived and this morning I was 73 kgs and I am only 12 weeks tomorrow - that's 5 kgs so far! I have had no MS and have been eating like there is no tomorrow. I know that the weight gain is food and not baby so am going to have to really watch what I eat (I had just lost 55 kg's before conception).
I started out at 85.9kgs when I fell pregnant (this is my 4th) and I am 32wks now and weigh 87.4kgs. So I've only gained 1.5kgs. I'm really happy with that because I've been eating heaps and I have alot of excess weight that I would like to get rid of. Dr and midwives say everything is good and bub is healthy so I'm happy.

boys, boys, boys

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