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How much did you weigh before getting pregnant, and what have you gained so far? Lock Rss

Hi girls!

Im really proud of myself. I have reached my goal of no weight gain by 20 weeks!! This is a HUGE thing for me seeing as i had already gained over 10kgs by this stage last pregnancy. I gained a total of 32kgs which i lost most of by the time i got pregnant (about 30kgs) again. Sooo im very happy!!
Does anyone know the best way not to put on much weight during pregnancy?? DS is 5 months and i didnt get to loose any weight b4 i fell pregnant again. I put on 18kg's with DS and dont want to put on much with this one
Ive found chasing after a toddler is good exercise lol. Try to keep busy! Its easy to eat so much the first time because you dont really have much to keep you occupied. Try and eat lots of fruit smile ive heard water aerobics is good too
Thanx for that Danae. I think i might buy a tepper machine, since its getting colder aswell
Pre-preg weight for me was 47kg. Only a couple of weeks along so no weight gain yet.
This thread has made me feel better. I was weighed yesterday for the first time since my first appointment and boy what a shock!!! I started off at about 84kg and yesterday I was 108 sad It was so depressing. Once falling pregnant, I gave up cigarettes and alcohol so I think I have been filling that void with food!! It's bad. I can't wait till bubs is out and I can start exercising again.

I have had high blood pressure and a lot of fluid so I have had to rest for most of my pregnancy with my feet up.

Gee doesnt the weight gain speed up in the last trimester grrrrr....thought I was doing so well too. Gained 9kgs now!
You ladies say you feel like fatties but what am i? I replied earlier but couldn't help but to respond again. I started at 92 lost 5 m/s and am currently 96 with 4 weeks to go. If i don't gain anymore i will be happy.

My last pregnancy i gained 13kg... got back to pre pregnancy weight.

current pregnancy
start 50kg
current 54.7 - 22 wks pregnant

trying to put more weight on. doc has me worried about not gaining enough. anyone else have this prob?

Will 6 July 06 - Jaida 19 Sept 08

hello i was 65kg before prego i am 23 weeks and weight 65.5 kg i think eating alot of fruit helped me be just baby no fat cool i am not complaining.....
HI all,

I started at 56 and am now 71kg. I said as long as I don't go over the 15kg gain I'd be happy so I've managed to do that. Now I just have to get this baby out and hopefully move some of the weight that has accumulated on my bottom and thighs! Uuurrrgghhh. LOL

I'm giving myself 3 months to fit back into my pre-pregnancy clothes. Fingers crossed.

kerry3 i think you have done a brilliant job, only gaining 4kg overall with 4 weeks to go. Well done!! Just think, after bubs comes out you will weigh less than you did when you conceived! I am 12wks, and have lost 1kg. I would love to avoid gaining weight till 22wks, because that way i would be the same weight i was with my first (i was 72kg at 22 lks last time, and am 72kg now). We will see how it goes though, as i am not exercising. I know i have to start walking, but after working full time and caring for DS 1 and morning sickness, i just cant seem to face it!
Good luck to all.

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