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How much did you weigh before getting pregnant, and what have you gained so far? Lock Rss

Thought I'd have my input ..
I'm a much larger girl .. I started my first pregnancy at 100kg and ended it just under 150kg .. I couldn't exercise because of SPD, I was depressed cause my partner left me for another woman, I had pre eclampsia, so lots of excess fluid and I was only 16, so didn't really know how to look after myself.
They said nothing about my weight or weight gain during my first pregnancy ..
I'm currently 16 weeks pregnant with my second baby and I've been put in the high risk catergory because of my problems with my last pregnancy that they are now thinking happened because of my weight ..
I was 117kg pre pregnancy and I'm now 115kg ..
I was told that my aim should be to put on no weight during this pregnancy, I was upset, angry and am now feeling real pressure about it .. I'm exercising and eatting well, so if I do gain weight I know in my head i've done all the right things.
With ny first i started off at 50kgs and gained 26 but lost 27 b4 a year was up with out doing anything. This one i was about 67/68 and at my last drs appt last week i weighed 78. The thing is when i go to the ob next week her scales will say something totally different than the drs. So which ones do i go by?

i'm with you cindylou77!! i tend to just go by my own now, cause between each set of scales there can be at least 5kg difference. i was only weighed at each app. with DD#1. i think only twice with DD#2. and i've only been weighed twice this time as the receptionist was helping out and wasnt sure if she had to or not.

Hi coopermum,

Don't worry about your weight gain. I am 35 weeks and have already put on about 15 kg's, prior to falling pregnant i was about 65kg (6foot tall), and was finding it very depressing to have put on so much weight. Each visit to my obs midwife she lectured me about diet milks and cheeses, however my diet hasn't changed at all from before I fell pregnant and I actually exercise more now.
Take care
I have put on about 10kg so far. I started at about 84kg and am 25 weeks pregnant with twins. Am having some trouble eating the amount I think I should be eating to get enough nutrients becuase of reflux at the moment. But both babies are growing well so that is the main thing
I started at 92kg according to dr scales but lost 5 kg from m/s and have now put on bout 6 kg so am back to 93kg. Heavy but thank goodness for m/s otherwise who knows. I am 174cm so am carrying all out in front don't think i have put on any fat all baby related.
I am 29 weeks so am hoping not to put on much more. This is my 4th. Dr thinks bubs will be bout 8 lb.

I want to say congrats to all the ladies who lost their baby weight before conceiving no 2!!

I feel like a fatty too, as i started at 64kg and got up to 89 with my DS (OMG 25kg!!). I only managed to get down to 73kg post baby. I have just found out i am pregnant, and I REALLY want to keep the weight gain under 10kg, as i really should only have gone up to 80 with my first (ie the 16 kg they say is the max you should gain to be healthy). If i can keep myself only going to 80 this time, i would be thrilled, but i am not too hopeful!!

haha boy do i feel like a fatty!
i started pg at 76kgs, by the time i had bubs (he was 6 weeks early) i weighed 103kgs, lost 17 kgs before i left the hospital and weighed 86kgs. i do believe i ate too much during my pregnancy! =(

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This is my 1st and I was 65kgs pre preg and am now 70kgs at 23ish weeks. I am super paranoid about my weight at the best of times but I try and keep my carbs as low as possible. I checked out that web site for weight prediction over the weeks and its pretty kewl but I can see it being addictive for someone like me hehehe...
My weight keeps creeping up as well. I'm 72 kilos now at 31 weeks and was 58 when I first got pregnant (I'm quite tall). This was after losing a little in my first trimester due to constant puking.

People seem shocked when I tell them I've already put on 14 kilos as they have all commented that I seem to only have put it on my chest and stomach (although I can feel it in my butt and thighs).
I was a bit negative about hopping on the scales at my last ob appointment but as the receptionist said to me "If you weren't putting on any weight THAN you'd be worried". Baby is healthy and that's all that matters.

My husband is 6"4' (and quite stocky) and people keep commenting on how I'm going to need tonnes of drugs to birth his baby! I'm more worried about the babies weight I guess, as I think I should be able to get rid of the pregnancy weight (my sister lost 9 kilos in her first weeks after giving birth), but so far so good.

Everyone's pregnancy weights seem all over the shop - depends on your frame, fluid retention, where the weight is going and size of the baby I guess. I'm not eating that much more now than I did pre-pregnancy, just drinking a lot more fluids.

[Edited on 31/03/2008]

Hi All,

Just thought I would drop in and give you some hope!!! I went from 68/69kg at the start of my preg to around 80kg when I gave birth. Emma is now two weeks old (today) and I am back down to 70kg. I still plan to loose 5-6kg, I would like to get back to 65 but, there is hope, it does fall off after birth even if it doesnt seem like it will, and I cant even thank breastfeeding because Emma is bottle fed. Good luck all!


1 am 12 weeks pregnant with mhy third. Having recently (in the last year or so) lost 20 kg i was initially a bit worried that all my hard work would be lost. I now weigh 79kg. The 20 kg had piled over over course of first 2 pregnancies. So far i have lost about 3 extra kilos(due to morning sickness) but in the last week i put on about 1. Trying to be rational about it. Still exercising but finding it hard with morning sickness. Having lost it once i know i can do it again. I have the added incentive of having a problem with my digestion which make eating naughty foods (fatty) a bit of a nightmare- they can make me really sick.
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