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How much did you weigh before getting pregnant, and what have you gained so far? Lock Rss

i am now 40 weeks + 1day and have gained 15 kilo's this pregnancy
Hi there

Well im not pregnant anymore lol, but with DD i started at 51kg and got up to 75kg then by the time she was 9 months old i was back down to 53kg then found out i was pregnant again with DS who is now 3 months old, so when pregnant with DS i started at 53kg got up to 77kg and now i am 60kgs, so i seem to gain 24kgs each time.

Emma that is so good 15kgs! I am hoping to only gain that much with this pregnancy, dont really want to repeat the 25 I put on with DS! I am now 31 weeks pregnant and I weight in tomorrow and I think I might hit the 10kg mark - eek feeling stressed!

I was 70kg when i conceived and at the end of pregnancy (before i had given birth) I was 86kg. I pigged out heaps after the morning sickness went which was after 16wks in my pregnancy. I'm still breastfeeding my daughter (14months) but i don't remember how much i weighed after birth but i remember when all that fat that just comes off by itself I had 7kg to lose. And with difficulty I went to the gym 5 days a week for at least an hour and i at a certain amount of calories and fat per day...and i lost it all. The biggest loser cook book helped me too.

Hi all,

This is my first baby, and at 33 weeks i have gained 7kgs. I need a personal assistant to carry my stomach for me, it is sooo heavy!
well with DD i gained 12 kgs.
and with DS still pregnant now. i have gained 3 kgs and i am 27 weeks pregnant. i also have weighted in a couple of weeks it could be more.

I am pretty tall and have always been lean, at 178cm i started at 70kg (after losing a few kilos from a tummy bug). At week 36 i am now sitting at 84kg it all seems to be in my belly though as i can't say it is sitting anywhere else. The weight in itself freaks me out a bit but when i look in the mirror i see nothing wrong.

I have a great midwife that never questioned my weight and if anything is telling me to eat if i am low in energy (she understands that i am human and like sweet stuff).

T Ali

my pre-preggy weight was 102kg with my first and at my 6week check after having her i was 84kg but i had ms from when i found out i was preggas right through birth lol i'm now 86kg and 8 weeks preggas with the next i think i could handle the morning sickness if it meant i got to my ideal body weight though it might prove difficult with an 8 mnth old lol

well when i found out i was 45kg and im 17 weeks preggers today and im only 46.7kg and im eating like there is no tomorrow. yet agian i do run around after my son who is non stop from when he waks up til he goes to sleep (TG) i only put 10kg on with him so i dont know what ill end up doing with this one. i actually managed to lose 5 kg before falling cos i running up and down stairs all the time and now ill b putting all back on plus some lol
i'm only 5'2 also, but started overweight. with DD#1 i was 67kg. at full term i was 93kg!! so i put on 26kg. i got back down to 64kg. preg #2 i put on 11kg in 11 weeks - 75kg - then MC'd and put on another 2kg(77kg). but then i'd only lost 3kg(74kg) when i concieved DD#2. i put on 18kg with her which put me at 92kg. then back down to 65kg. preg #4 crept up to 69kg, MC'd and went back up to 74kg. so far i've put on 6kg with this preg, so 80kg at 22 weeks. but as you can see i actually lose more than i put on each time - except for MC's. i also had terrible MS with all mine and still managed to put on!!
[Edited on 12/02/2008]

Well, I feel like a fatty!!!

When I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, in October 06, I was 77kgs.

My last ob appointment with that pregnancy, they didn't tell me my weight, but I think I was about 110kgs.

I found out in October that Im preganant again and I was 91kgs. Im currently 18 wks pregnant and am 89kgs.

I really want to loose the weight and it depresses me sooooooooo much being weighed, but the strange thing is I dont think Im big until I see my reflection on a shop window or a picture. Oh, by the way, im only 5'4......


I always feel "slim" and nice until I see me in a piccy or window too...... it's such a bitch, and even worse when even your husband doesn't bother to tell you you are getting fat until he wants to have a snipe at you!

Oh well...
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