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How much did you weigh before getting pregnant, and what have you gained so far? Lock Rss

Well im probably the worst of all...i weighed around 80kgs when i fell pregnant but it was alot of muscle thankfully, but now all thats turned to fat from not being able to work out properly. I've gained about 15kilos so far, and im 32weeks pregnant so hopefully wont gain much more!!!!!!!! Just looking forward to losing it all!
Thank you ladies - it is soooo good to hear other people's stories. It seems that all the mums in my MG are skinnier than when they conceived except me. I was 64KG when i conceived DS, and went up to a whopping 89kg. I am still 74kg and he is 20mths old!!! I am TTC #2, and while i had great ideas of getting back to at least 68 before we started ttc (that is the very top of my healthy weight range), i have not been able to lose any weight since i went back to work, so i have just decided that i will do my best to gain less weight the next time around and worry about it later!!! It really makes me feel so much better to hear others who have done the same thing!

Hi. Ive just found out that im expecting my 2nd. Im 18weeks and weigh 74kgs. I started going to the gym to lose the extra weight from my 1st pregnancy and lost 6 kgs not knowing that i was preg again. With my 1st i went up to around 90kgs but lost most of that when i had my daughter.

Hi all, with my first bub on put on about 12kg. Before I fell pregnant the second time I was 59kg and have gained about 4-5kg and I'm 19 weeks pregnant.


Melissa, NSW. Annika 17/2/06 & Thomas 16/3/08.

Hi guys,

Before i fell pregnant with my DS i weighed 50kg, at 40 weeks i weighed aroung 76kg. I didn't hold back on anything. Big Macs and fries with a cream bun afterwards were a major craving for me and considering i had never eaten one before i was pregnant was very strange. At the moment i am aroung 54kg and a TTC#2. Hopefully this time round i crave something a little lighter, perhaps some fruit or is that just wishful thinking????
with my 1st I started at 56kg and got up to 70kg but when I came home from hospital after giving birth I was back down to 58kg. which I was amaxed and thrilled about. Unfortunatly, that's also when I started to eat (as there was no more morning sickness, heartburn, indigestion and an empty belly).. and I got back up to 65kg over the next couple of months even though I breastfed constantly. I guess a packet of Monte Carlos a day will do that to you LOL.

This time around I was 56 again when I found out I was pregnant and now at 13 weeks I'm about 58.5kg I don't mind what I gain while pregnant.. I will just be making sure I dont gain weight afterwards again!

Well I was away on holidays in NZ eating all the good foods when I fell pregnant, so roughly about 61kg-63kg (im 165cm tall). Im just at the start of 36th week and now weigh 74kg and the weight is piling on quick. sad Good for the baby though.


Hi all, I weighed about 49kg pre-preg with my 3rd and now about 62kg at nearly 37 weeks, which is just about perfect i think.

A good website for checking your weight gain is it has a weight gain calculator, but you have to convert kg to lbs (just kg times by 2.2) and it's based on your pre-preg weight, because everyone is different.

Hope this helps, Shell (36+4)
After readin everyone elses replies I feel like a glutton....
With my 1st son I weighed 56kg prepregnancy and went up to 84kgs at nine months, so 28kgs. With my 2nd son it was pretty much the same I was 56kgs and went up to 89kgs, so 33kgs. With this pregnancy I started off weighing 62kgs and at 18wks and 6days I weigh 79.5kgs, already a whopping 17.5kgs and Im still under halfway!! Im just hoping that I can lose it this time, fingers crossed!!! Already bought the exercise bike!!! LOL

I was 84kgs when I fell pregnant with my son who's almost one now. I put on 26kg during the whole pregnany, which was a lot. I had so much fluid you couldnt see my ankles the last few weeks!! A week after I'd had him I'd lost 12kgs!!

I'm back to 82kg now and am TTC #2


well i was 56 kgs and 175cms before falling pregnant, then i lost 6 kgs in the first couple of months with morning sickness, i didnt understand why cause i was so hungry all the time and ate anything i could get my hands on. im 65 kgs now with 10 and a half weeks to go, i dont really mind if i have baby weight after the baby is born. I just want to focus on the baby and everything before i worry about that. Maybe after 6 months if i have not lost any weight i will start to do something, but it doesnt really phase me.

I am 5 ft 2, and started at 47kg, got up to 59kg, lost it all in 11 days, although still had the squidgy belly etc. I'm naturally quite little and have trouble keeping weight on so it wasn't a suprise the weight came off, I had to eat more after the birth to maintain it. Also because I had a c section and was bf, the body's demands were very high.
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