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How much did you weigh before getting pregnant, and what have you gained so far? Lock Rss

Hi ladies I wasn't sure whether to join in or not but what the hell. B4 #1 I was 72 kg put on about 12 kg each pregnancy and lost most after #2 but since #3 haven't, just put more weight on.
Am 6 weeks and 3 days with #4 and was weighed at dr on Tuesday and was (ready for it )92 kg. What a surprise didn't expect that. Hopefully wont put on much at all.
Dr said we can deal with the weight after the baby is born. Hopefully breast feeding will help lots. I doubt it.

hi braseb
well i onli go to the hosp for check ups once or twice a month but as you said your gp has never said anything re weight and neither has mine and weve been seeing this dr for years now and he would of told me bout it or somethig but these people at hospitals and stuff have to realise its not that easy for some ladies to loose weight after having a baby and that or some nurses look down at you for not loosing weight.. it really gets on my nerves (in a nice way hehehe)
My first pregnancy i weighed 48kgs i put on 12kgs through the pregnancy once he was a week old i wa down to 40kgs. i am only a little person and im short.

with this pregnancy i was 40kgs i am now 42kgs and im 17weks and i day pregnant

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Oh wow! I feel huge! My first bub I started at 92kgs (had put on about 20 kgs before I fell preg.) When I came out of hospital after having him I weighed 72kgs and didn't put on any weight while I was pregnant at all, mostly thanks to a extremely sensitive gallbladder so couldn't even eat dry toast or dry,plain biscuits without a severe attack. This time I stacked on the weight again before I got pregnant so started at 103kgs, at 15 weeks am down to 92kgs and it seems to be still falling, thanks to severe morning sickness, although that has somewhat passed and I feel almost back to normal, I just seem to keep losing weight (but like I have told ppl, there was lots there to lose). If it continues, will see GP about it in the next few weeks.

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everyone is so different, don't they say 12-15 is average? most ppl i know put on about 20 tho.

if anyones worried, my bro's ex was 51kg when she fell pregnant, and 99kg when she gave birth!! Yep, gain of 48kg, not a typo
Everyone is different arent they!
I have 3 children... Boy 11, Boy 2, Girl 6mth.
All 3 of them I started at 75kg and gained approx 10kg and 2 days later was 75kg again!!! Bizarre...
Im just meant to be that weight obviously! Wish I was 15kg lighter but just cant keep off the coke and choccies!

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Hi, I was trying to lose my holiday weight when I got pregnant, so actually ended up losing weight in the first 6 weeks - until test proved positive, normally I am about 56/57 kg, but after holiday was about 60 kg. We are now at 22 weeks and 63 kgs. So working it out based on pre holiday weight I have gained 6/7 kg at 5 months. Bit scary getting on the scales, some weeks it goes up by alot!! and then the next hasn't changed at all. Enjoying every bit now didn't have any morning sickness and at times didn't feel pregnant at all - certainly feeling it now though, those kicks in the evening are wonderful smile Take care, Mel.

I was 60kg when I realised I was pregnant (at 6 weeks) and Im about 65kg now, at 32wks.
Oh this post makes me feel much better knowing everyone else has trouble losing their babyweight!!!

Before DS I was 59kg, went upto 80 the day I had him sad

I'm now 69kg with this one, hope I dont put on as much with this one!
Jumped on the scales this morning (silly me). I currently weigh 67.9kg. I started at 60kg.

I have been eating a bit bad lately and I supose I have to remember there is a baby in my belly...

Its just hard to see the scales go up and up and up!!!

Hope I don't have a huge weight gain before baby is born.

Matilda Jane, Feb 08 and Charlotte Rose, Dec 09

Hi All,

Thought i would join in on the weight gain/loss battle!!!! Was 75.5kg when i fell pregnant with DS, and was 81kg when i had him, so a gain of 5kg which shocked me as i expected to gain much more. Was once again 75.5kg when i fell pregnant this time (when DS was 10mths) and im now 31 weeks and weigh 79kg! I don't know what to think as i expected to be alot heavier this time because i am much bigger than what i was with DS at this stage. Am hoping i don't gain much more but expect to put on at least another 5kg in the following weeks which doesn't bother me as long as i can lose it and a bit extra after bub is born.


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