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How much did you weigh before getting pregnant, and what have you gained so far? Lock Rss

hi sam17
i had the same speech from my midwife wen i booked into the hospital!! i didnt know whether to laugh or cry.. nor wat to say or do.. i some times wonder hey if any of these midwifes have had children of there own as wen the cravings start you have to ful fill! wether it choc or fruit...
mmmm crunchie would be rather nice right now hehehe
i totally understands wat you mean comfort eating after miscarrage as i had quiet a few before i fell with my son thats another thing my dr goes on bout is all the miscr=arrages iv had!!
hmmmm iv had to bite my tongue a few times through my hospital appts hehehe
take care i hope this preg goes well for you!!
HA! I gained 25k when pregnant.... Maybe because i started eating at about 8 weeks and didn't stop til i was in labour... hehehe
hi braseb and panda
i have same sort of weight issue and i was a little hesitant re putting my weight on here as well but i thought maybe theres other mums out there who have same sort of weight as i do and jus wondering if your hosp is worried re baby n health... as they are me but i cant understand why as my blood pressure is fine well they didnt say anything to me on monday wen i was there..
my son was 9pound 2 wen he was born and my partner isnt skinny miny either so iv come down to the conclusion that everybodys body is different were not all same.. as i have said to everyone who use to pick on me with my weight in school and so on i would rather be well off in weight as if i get ill i have some weight to rely on(as everyone who picked on me was a stick) i told that to my gp and he agreed with me.. ( i know not rellevent and i went off rails a little with the subject but its how i feel now and i hope other ladies feel the same way)
I was 55kg at my first antenatel appt with #1 and by 12 weeks i was down to 45kg due to chronic morning sickness, at 20wks i was 49kg and at the end i was 60kg. didn;t loose much weigh after i had DD, went back to 55 which is normal for me. now with number 2 i have chronic morning sickness again and i already am back down to 49kg.
hey coopermum,

The hospital has never mentioned any concerns for my babies as all pregnancies have been good. I dont go to the hosp for checkups though so maybe thats why. If my doc doesnt have a prob dont see why they should. I cant beleive people who are smaller than me have those things said to them. I know there are some pub hosp's here that wont accept you if you weigh 117kg at a certain time {think its 20 wks. Where else are they suppose to go?


I hear ya Eboni's mummy! My pre preg weight for this pregnancy was 70kg, in 4 weeks i lost 9 kg to be down to 61kg due to constant and truly awful morning sickness - still happening so maybe have lost more weight since i last checked, not sure. My weight before my first pregnancy was 59kg and when I went into labour I was about 79kg. Maybe abit less because I thought I put on around 17kg or so.

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LOL..I havent minded the weight gain for pregnancy.

I am short as well about 5'2 and I weighed 67-68kg when I conceived, I never really but a lot of weight on during the trimesters just a kilo here and there till Bubs had a massive growth spurt and I noticed the weight gain.

At nearly 40 weeks now I can prolly say I have gained about 10-12kg which majority is all bubs, I usually take measurements of my arms, legs, chest etc to guage if I have put on FAT weight lol.

My main weakness or craving has been chocolate all the way and still is, I have tried to cut down put kinda just went ah well!

Hi i was 51kgs when i got preggers at my last check up i was 79. something. Not to sure what i way now, id still be mid to low 70's. She is now 7wks5 days.
Hi all, i was 75 kilos pre pregnancy and hit the big 98 kilos just before i had riley! i was 89 when i left hospital but am now back to 90 sad riley is 19 weeks and i am breast feeding but can't seem to stop eating chocky sad i think sleep deprivation may have a bit to do with it, but i desperatly want to get back to pre pregnancy weight, so i'm going to start the diet tomorrow LOL

Hi coopermum & braseb

I was told by my local hospital that I could not have my last baby There because of my BMI (EG: weight) as I had said earlier about My GDM \Diabeties/ It turned out that I had to have a C"section any ways with all that I was only able to go to the big hospital over in Subiaco WA. KEMH King Eddie. Just make sure they can take you and don't have to fly you out if your in the country? When I was in for my sergical consult b4 having bub's there was a lady who had to be flown in and she had a good 4 weeks to go. B4 they were meant to do a c'section but they had her booked into the hospital because of factors out of her control.
The local hospital here has not got an ICU ward on it's grounds. Which i find funny. Because they do joint replacement op\s there now.

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Well I gained 12kg by the end of my pregnancy and lost almost all of it within the first month after birth, I've got a pretty high metabolism though, only weighed 48 to start off with (normal for my 1.54cm height!), now I'm 46kg and bub's 7mths old. I think breastfeeding really helps, plus we go for regular walks and I'm a vegetarian.
hey all,
before i feel pregs with my first, i was only 45kg's, (i'm only like 5ft3). I hit 60kg then had him the next day. Didn't lose any weight once i had him, which i was a bit disappointed in. My world crashed down around me and my body didn't like the implant so i ballooned up to 80kg. With my second i was 83kg when i feel pregs, I lost 3kgs and stayed at 80kg right til i had him. Once i had him though i lost 8kgs, which was strange cause he was only 5lb 9 born. So i was 72kg after i had bubs no. 2 and he's now 17wks old and i've only put on 2 kgs. I'm trying to lose it which you think you would with two kids, but it's not that easy.


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