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How much did you weigh before getting pregnant, and what have you gained so far? Lock Rss

hi sam

your midwife sounds a little full on for my liking LOL

i am so sensitive with all these crazy hormones i probably would have cried!

bring on the crunchies! You have your whole life to lose weight hahaha
Every person and pregnancy is so varied, so normal weight gain is so hard to define.
For my 3rd I put on 8 kgs from my starting weight and then jumping on the scales 6 weeks after having him, realised I had only lost two of it (and he was 4.8kg). I kept thinking, where did I go wrong?
For my fourth I put on 13 and sprung straight back to my start weight (still have to lose the other 6 from baby number three) LOL.
Baby number one who is 15 in just over a week i went from 120kg down to about 90kg ( ugghhhhhhhh morning sickness) it lasted ages
baby number two I was 136kg and went down to 126kg by the time she was born I was back up to 131kg.. lots of fluid bub's weighed 4.4kg got home and i was down to 116kg last week.
Number two I had back in may this year.

Baby number 3 is due some time next year. * currently down to 116kg..
blood pressure fine so the doc said... 104/68 last week...

Rob 26.oct.92 Shona 28.may.07 Bryce 15.april.08

i was just over 41kg when i feel preg (had been sick for for years which was just fixed) after preg i was about 68, im now 61
Hi panda 74,

Thank god you posted i wasnt sure if i would. I am a rather large girl starting this pregnancy at 130kgs, at 26 wks i am 132kgs, my doctor has never had an issue with it as both my blood pressure and glucose are normal, with both DS and DD i started at at least 120kgs, any weight i put on during pregnancy came off in about a week, I have 9lb 4 and 8lb 8 babies so i am expecting this one to be big too.


Ow... when i look back at my weight gain its so depressing! lol! why cant we go back to our pre preg weights automatically after the baby's born! lol smile

I was about 58kgs when i fell preg with Olivia, full term preg i was 74kgs, after she was born i was 66kgs.

Then when she was 9 months old i fell preg with bub #2 and i weighed about 73kgs when i fell preg, and now 24 weeks along i am 81kgs.

I wasnt very strict with my eatting habits after Olivia was born, and breastfeeding didnt seem to help as much as id expected, however it did help! im gonna be more strict aftr this preg coz i wanna go back to about 60-65kgs by xmas next year!
hi all,

i weighed 63kg, lost 5 kg some how, didnt have morning sickness and ate like a trooper! always have hehe. at the end of my preg id put on 10kg, (half that was the baby! lol)

im now back down to 58kg a year later. Im a vegetarian so maybe my diet helped shed the wait a little.
I would like to get down to 55kg by xmas, but that means id have to excercise lol.

Post deleted by administrator.
Number one - (too long ago to remember) 63 kgs when I left hospital .
Those were the good old days!!

Number two - Started at 74 kgs, only gained 9 kgs due to strict diabetic diet, gained nothing in the last 3 months at all. Left hospital at 74 kgs which crept back up to 77kgs. Am i the only person who gains weight whilst breastfeeding?

Number 3 on the way., Started at 77kgs, have put on 5 kgs already at 19 weeks.

aidan 26.08.00 daly 26.04.06 darcy 04.03.08

i weighed 51kg when i fell preg with DD, and 71 when i was in labour. funny how after they're born you still weigh the same?!

this time i went on an OS holiday to a 3rd world country when i was 6 weeks preg. all they eat is yams coconuts and bananas. Amazing what that diet does for you i finally lost all my baby weight from DD!

started again at 51 for this preg and so far have put on 5 but i've been trying hard to eat well this time. lucky my craving has been asparagus, carrots and snow peas!
hi lil emma
wow thats one thing i didnt really think about hey is how much everything weighed..
im trying not to think re weight, i told my partner were not getting scales at all in the house as ill be on them all time hehehe handy things to have but they can be quiet depressing at times hehehe
i very rarely weigh myself anyways.
i jus dont like how the drs look down at you and are always on about it!! but oh well wat can you do they get paid to do it i spose hehehe
thaks for that useful info hey!!
i hope everythign is going well with last leg of your preg

hi shanwil
ill have a look at that website.. thank you!!

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