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How much did you weigh before getting pregnant, and what have you gained so far? Lock Rss

hey hun im 38 weekx preg and i weighed 50kilos b4 i was preg i now weigh at 60kg i have put on 10kilos compared to my frend that has put on 26 kilos.
she lives by the eating for 2 program which you are actulli not.
the baby takes the nutrience from wot u eat if you eat junk your going to get fat and put on alot of extra weight.
my daily eating plan is:


fresh fruit salad slice of toast with vegimite n a bottle of water

morning tea:

water creakers with vegimite glass of water


pasta or some sort with some sort of meat bottle of water

afternoon tea:

fresh salad and water


meat of some sorta ith plenty pf vegies and water...

hey everyone! i was 51kgs pre pregnancy and i'm 5ft2inch n now im 25 weeks and 61kgs. i feel like i've put on too much weight and am starting to get really worried esp since i still have about 15 weeks to go sad

33kg is what I put on.......was 55kg pre-pregnancy, 88kg at 38 weeks....

I had huge fluid retention problems, ended up having to stay in hospital for over a week after the birth (natural) due to toxemia, and lost 11kg that week.

Got back down to about 64-65kg and am now expecting again in July. Hopefully won't put on as much as last time!!!

Cheers all

I must be one of the few who have gained a massive 20kg and im only 24weeks!!! HOw much more should i expect to put on??? I know they say with the first you always put on the most amount of weight but wow this is heaps!! I started at 62kgs and am now 82 with 5 and a half weeks to go.

i think that if it makes you happy then eat it...
that has been my phylosophy throughout my pregnancy, sure ive put on a
bit of weight but its the one time in my life when i have an excuse to.
i have been so tired, cranky and sore, the last thing i need is my partner
telling me to slow up on the chocolate cake "which btw he has, and didnt end to well for"
i started off at 83kg and now at 33 weeks i am 93kg.. the doctor hasnt said anything
about my weight gain, my blood pressure is perfect and bubba seems to be doing fine
i know the hard part will come after i have the baby, but for now i am
just going to relax and embrace my fuller figure
With my last 2 pregnancies I went from a starting weight of 65kg to a finish weight of 81kg and back to my pre pregnancy weight in 3 months the first time, and 5 months the 2nd time.
This time I'm on 81kg now and still have 3-4 weeks to go but have not much appetite so hopefully I won't put anymore on between now and the birth.
With DS I lost 8kg whilst in hospital so hopefully I do that again!
A friend of mine put on 30kg with her pregnancy and it took her almost a whole year to get rid of it, another friend at work has only put on 8kg so far and she is only 1 week behind me smile
We are all so different! x

Well don't i just feel horrible now. With DS1 I was 54kg and i am 5'9. When i had him at 42+1 i weighed about 109kg...Eeeeek! Not once was anything ever said about my weight gain though which surprised me.

Time went by and as the 2 years on mark was creeping closer i still weighed 90-95 kg....i did get down to 75 (which is an acceptable weight for my height) at one stage but it crept back on when my life fell apart for a bit. I breastfed for 21 months, didn't lose much and still gained weight?? lol

So i am now almost 14 weeks with number 2. I started at 97kg and now weigh 93kg...morning sickness which i never had with my first lol. I really hope i can gain as little as possible this time round.

It was so hard to go from being underweight to the biggest i have ever been. I think i gained so much first time round cos before i fell pregnant i had a few issues eating disorder wise and then suddenly was eating anything in sight. It was hard but i would tell myself i was doing it for my baby. I still have those issues and it's a struggle everyday to not go back to where i was. I think that also contributes to why i haven't lost much weight....i have to be very careful how i manage things otherwise i will slide back down without realising.

It's crazy how different everyone is.

Hi! Well, I am a small petite frame - 5 ft 5 and 50kgs at the beginning of my pregnancy. I am now 64 kgs!!!! I have put on 14kgs and am only 26 weeks along. All the weight seems to have gone to my bump and boobs - from behind I don't look like I'm pregnant at all. My bump is massive though.

I have been eating quite a bit more than usual so must try and cut back a bit as I don't want to struggle losing the weight once baby is born.

Hi dear. I am going to share my experience with all on weight gain during pregnancy. I am pregnant right now and this is my first baby and I've gained about half a stone. I'm all bump so think it's just all the extra baby stuff that's inside me! I haven't been eating poorly, my cravings are mainly for apples, strawberries and fruity ice lollies which I suppose makes a difference. Baby is fine, a little on the small side but I'm only 5ft and quite slim anyway. I'm certainly not denying myself anything but find it hard to lose weight so must admit gaining a lot was a worry for me. Feel relatively off the hook with just over 5 weeks to go! So I hope I will be able to shed down the weight which I will gain during pregnancy. So how are you all with your weight and is the weight creating any more problems for you? Best of luck to all for your future babies. I hope you all loved to hear my experience.
Hello! I would like to like to tell you my weight change before and after pregnancy. So I was 55 kg before getting pregnant and after 7 months there was 1.5 kg increase in weight.
Hey I’m currently 26 weeks and a couple of days and I’ve gain around 12.5 kg already and started at 56.5kgs and planning to work back now to that as I got to that weight after working my bottom off at the gym and eating healthy starting at 65kg at the start of the year I’m quite small so it wasn’t unhealthy to loss that weight or to stay it only gained 3.9 more then that though course because the baby takes up more room I do look a lot bigger but overall having a baby belly makes me happy don’t know if this is relevant
I started at 85kg and am 178cm tall (a bit overweight to begin with). Although I felt sick I managed to gain 10kg in my first trimester! The weight gain has slowed right down now. I'm 21 weeks and have gained maybe 500gms (so am 95.5kg now). It seems weird, but maybe my body's gotten used to being pregnant and all the random foods I've been eaten which I never used to eat (e.g. so much cheese! usually yuck for me) as I haven't packed on as much now. Probably just as well as I'm only just over half way there! My mid-wife hasn't been concerned so I'm not too worried.
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