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How much did you weigh before getting pregnant, and what have you gained so far? Lock Rss

I must not be normal with my first bub I was 75kg and put on 25kg lost it all after 6months with this one i was 77kg and have already put on 11kg. I am not sure what i am doing wrong.

I'm 14 weeks pregnant and have already put on 4 kilos. These 4 kilos starting piling on from week 11!!! I just cannot stop eating and feel so very much out of control. I'm usually so good with my eating and was pretty good with my first pregnancy but this time not very good at all.

Each day I swear I'll eat better but when I get so hungry I end up eating double.


Quite depressing, but I'll share anyway.

This time last year I was around 78kg,
in 4-5 months I lost 18kg and was down to 60kg (I didn't do it the right way though.. wasnt eating properly & partying a little to hard)

found out I was pregnant - stopped partying completely =] and started eating like a piggy..
and now I'm about 90kg sad

and I'm 5'5, so quite overweight now.
Hoping I lose a bit after giving birth and when I'm BF, but then I'll be working my ass off to get back down 60 kg - the healthy way smile
Hi Ladies

I started out my pregnancy at 89kg and now at 27wks weigh in at 100 even! It is such a shock because I was trying to lose weight before falling, and to add to that my sister is getting married 5mths after I'm due so I have to lose the baby weight as well as at least 10kg to look half decent as her matron of honour! I guess tho in the big scheem 11kg gain so far is not too bad and it'll all be worth it in the end!


I was anorexic at Xmas 07 and weighed 47kg (Im 171cm tall). I got up to 51kg when DP and I concieved this baby. At my last midwife appointment (4wks ago) I was only 61kg and my last appointment yesterday, I had put on 3kgs! I have a really small bump too ... Then again, Id rather put more weight on than I need too than be underweight.

Hi, i was 65kg (5'9") when i fell pregnant and am 13w, 6d now and am at 69kg - GULP! I was always such a healthy eater and exercised to the max but ironically enough with my morning sickness all i wanted to do was i did! The exercise went out the window and was replaced by all the "naughty" foods i hadn't eaten in 2 years.

Now that i'm feeling better I will increase my exercise as i dont want to gain too much too quick...although my husband tells me that he actually loves the way i am now rather than pre-pregnant...bless him! LOL.

I have recently started to worry because with ds i was 64kg when i conceived and 89 when i gave birth (OMG!) but i only got back to 73 before i got pregnant this time.

I am 29 weeks and this morning weighed 81, so that is 8kg so far, but in the third trimester my appetite has ballooned and i am desperately craving sweet things. I am really worried that i am going to gain heaps in the last 11 weeks. Every morning i get up and think "today i will eat healthily" and by 10am have had multiple sweet biscuits or cake or lollies. I really am trying, but it is like something has taken over and i cant stop!!!! I really don't want to go above 89 again, that was bad enough (so painful and uncomfortable, i am only 5 ft 6).

Hi all,

I was 74kg at the start of this pregnancy and am now 83.4kg with 10 weeks to go. So thats 9.4kg so far I really hope i don't put on much more as when I gave birth to our daughter I weighed 92kg and that was very uncomfortable and I don't want to be that big again.


With my 1st pregnancy I was 54kg on conception and ended up at 69kg. I'm trying to watch my weight more this time as 2nd bubs can be bigger and as I had gestational diabetes last time, I'm pre-disposed to it. I do feel bigger this time around and more like I'm starting to "waddle" and I'm only 15wks (quack, quack)!



I was 94kgs pre-pregnancy and in the process of loosing weight to help to fall prego. I am now 36 weeks and have lost a total of 10kgs. I had bad morning sickness for about 6 weeks from 10 weeks and was diagnosed with gestational diabetes at 30 weeks which has helped me not to put on weight. My obstetrician isn't concerned as it just means it's less weight for me to loose after Bub is born.
[Edited on 14/10/2008]
[Edited on 14/10/2008]
I am 5"7' and...
With my first my prepreg weight was 90kg, dropped to 85kg then at fullterm I was 96kg. Once I had him I was 85kg.

This one I was 110kg prepreg weight I am now 23 weeks and am now 101kg. Seems to be similar things happening for me.

My mum put on 25kg with each one. She a small lady.

hey there pre preg... 71 kg lost bout 6 kilos from mornin sickness so down 2 66 kg. i havent been that weight since high school. now about 76-77 kg find out exactly on wednesday


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