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36 and ttc for over 1 year Rss

Hey everyone I am in need of some help please!! I am turning 37 in May and my husband and I have been trying to conceive our 2nd child since Jan last year without any success. This time 5 years ago we were lucky to get pregnant with our beautiful daughter which also took just over a year to my question I continue on this path for another 6 months at my age or do I seek help immediately?? I have irregular period cycles each month ranging from 29-35 days so im finding it difficult to work out exactly when im ovulating so its all guess work at the moment for us. We would love to give our daughter a sibling and I feel that each and every month without success is also a month of getting older too. I do not have any health issues so have just been thinking that it will happen eventually like with our first but now im starting to really wonder if 5 years down the track this is much harder to do?? any ideas/help/suggestions are much appreciated! Thanks smile

Hi, I'm really sorry you've found yourself facing this problem. The best news though is that you don't have any health issues. meaning you're producing eggs and ovulating. Even if it's hard to predict from month to month. Of course 5 yrs span is quite a lengthy time period for women's bodies..The well known fact is that fertility decreases over yrs unfortunately. Still I believe you have pretty good chances of natural conceiving (also taking into consideation your previous success and your naturally conceived DD). I guess I'd wait for a couple of months more. But using this time for self aducating and doing research. Even if it happens you'll need a fertility expert's help, you may be sure - a good reputable specialist will offer less invasive procedures first, before pushing you onto ivf etc. Those could be stims to make you produce more eggs, meds to regulate your ovulation, iui etc. So DO NOT PANIC. There's always way out!! Stay blessed, hope you'll get more answers soon.
5 years are enough gap. You make plan for next baby. Best of luck
I'm gonna add. My RE diagnosed me with blocked fallopian tubes and low egg count. She said my ovaries looked okay. Below are my first test results. So if anyone sees a red flag or a trend I should have investigated further, please let me know: Normal cycle length 27-31 days. Ovulate between cd 13-19. Luteal phase between 12-14. HSG - right side open. Left side either spasmed or blocked. There was an air bubble at the opening of the tube – so very painful!! I always briefly spotted a few days before I ovulated. Husband tested okay. BBT temps seemed to be on the low side - range between 96.4-97.2 pre-ovulation and 97.7 and 97.8 post-ovulation..We finally ended up with using donor egg with IVF overseas.
AMH (egg count) tests aren’t always accurate. My AMH when first tested was 5.7 and a year later 11.4. This is impossible as we are born with all the eggs we’ll ever have and it only decreases not increases.
My fertility specialist had no explanation for it.
Anyhow, If your body is doing all the right things (have you had bloods through your GP to check yr hormone levels and that you are actually ovulating?) , then definitely would give advice of seeing a specialist ASAP. There is lots of waiting involved throughout the process so I wouldn’t delay.
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