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So confused, Very light 2 1/2 day period BFN Rss

I am so confused, I have had all these pregnancy symptoms like extremely sore boob and going to the toilet every 5 mins I thought for sure I was pregnant. but then my period started so I felt deflated. I usually start with very light only there when I wipe and then the next day I have full on heavy period that makes me go through a packet of pads a day and extremely bad cramps. But day 2 came and it was still only there when I wiped no cramping. today is day 3 and it has completely stopped now I took a pregnancy test but still BFN I am really confused. anyone have this happen to them before? and where you pregnant or not
Bump. anyone have a idea?
Hiya, i would def go and see a doc. When i feel pregnant with no. 3. I thought i was getting my period, similar thing to you only blood when i wiped. Happened for @5 days then stopped. Took test and came back positive. Went to doc n had a scan and was pregnant. Spotting can happen in pregnancy. I'm 11wks now and bubs is all gd. Hope everything is ok.
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