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Increasingly frustrated!!! Lock Rss

This is really frustrating for someone not to conceive after trying hard. But don't be hopeless. Just wait for a good time to come. I have been waiting for more than 8 years. And finally, I succeed. Being a mother of 10 months old son. Though I don't try to be a second child mom yet.
I can feel what you are going through. First of all, change your routine. Try to eat healthy food only. Avoid smoking, drinking or any kind of that stuff. If no treatment is working for you then you should look into surrogacy. It's a great procedure and successful too. But make sure the clinic you are opting for has a high success rate. Stay blessed.
Hi, luv. I am very sorry about that, but you should try to change the perspective from torture to better health in general. You should not see losing weight as an obligation to start treatments. Since there is scientific evidence that women whose BMI is too high have lower success rates. By losing weight you don’t only get more chances of getting pregnant but also improve your general health state. Having a BMI of 25 is the figure recommended by experts. However, if it’s slightly higher than 26 or even 28 as a maximum you can still resort to success. Therefore, losing weight is recommended in cases where the BMI is above 28. If you can’t find the willpower, it creates feelings of anxiety in you and you are keen to start the treatment, seeing a nutritionist may be helpful. I understand your concerns. And the thing you've mentioned you've been this weight and even ''bigger'' when successfully conceived your little one. But here time also plays the role. It's never on our side with planning pregnancy or fertility treatments. So you should keep this in mind as well, as time could have made change in general situation. Have your Dr as the best adviser whilst the process. I'm wishing you the best of luck and support ahead xx
MarilynRivera wrote:
I can feel what you are going through. First of all, change your routine. Try to eat healthy food only. Avoid smoking, drinking or any kind of that stuff. If no treatment is working for you then you should look into surrogacy. It's a great procedure and successful too. But make sure the clinic you are opting for has a high success rate. Stay blessed.

I'm so sorry you also experienced this, it is horrific. I'm really hoping the follow up gives the former poster some closure and some answers about how to proceed. All those issues do hurt much. I miscarried once in my life and that was the toughest stage to move through. I won't ever forget this bean. Moreover, I didn't want to replace it. But the thought of not doing anything made me feel even worse! So after some time we moved on with treatments. That time DE IVF shots at overseas bio texcom. So that's said about my clinic, and many fertility clinics require women to stop smoking at least three months before starting IVF treatment. Women who smoke need twice as many IVF cycles to conceive and are much more likely to miscarry than women who don’t smoke. Women who are overweight or underweight are also less likely to have successful IVF treatment. The bottom line is, maintain a healthy weight. If you are overweight, losing as little as 10 percent of your body weight can make a positive difference in your ability to get pregnant. All those things are purely scientifical. We cannot rule over the outcomes, but are to do everything we can to help our bodies succeed.
I can understand what you are going through. I have been on this journey for more than 5 years. Therefore, every day I get frustrated about how things are. This journey has been like a roller coaster for me. There are so many highs and lows. I remember one day I started to tear up in front of my DH. I told him that I was done with trying. He, however, gave me the strength and told me that he was with me. I guess that support is what I really wanted. I am now visiting a clinic for my process that he searched about. I am really hoping that things go well. They seem quite promising. Hoping for the best. Good luck to you. Sending baby dust your way.
The pain you are coping with is something I have coped with as well. I can understand you must be feeling numb now. But don't worry everything will be fine. You still have one option on the table for you, Surrogacy. It's a good procedure, you should do some research on it. Good luck.
Frustration can be very different to us. Today I thought of my last unsuccessful cycle. Ironically, 2 embryos made it to the blast phase. Both they were of good quality...I was so excited about those blasts and decided to ensure we only put those back in when the time was right and work was a bit quieter...I waited a whole 6 months to put them back in only to find out in a couple of weeks that it was likely a chemical pregnancy...It felt like a cruel joke...My hcg levels were at 18 5 days after the official testing date.And I just couldn't understand it all...And got frustrated so damn much..This is the note from the past now but it still hurts. Like the reminder how fragile our dreams can be..I would love to hear from the former writer though.and get to know she's ok and probably has got luck so far. Time will show though..All the very best.
Hello. Hope you are feeling better now. I don't know what exactly is bothering you. You haven't exactly specified it here. But I hope you feel better soon. Try to distract yourself from these frustrations. Things will work out.
Before rushing onto IVF you know your goal: a healthy baby. But knowing what to expect on the journey from here to there is a lot harder. Every case is unique. It is impossible to predict exactly how your cycle will go. In order to understand what you will be experiencing throughout the IVF process, it is important to have a good grasp on what IVF actually is and how it works. The human body is magnificent but unpredictable. Even with the most sophisticated imaging technology in the world, it is not easy to see what is happening on the inside.
@Monicadavid399, wishing you all the best of luck with your surrogacy journey! I've recently read the post, a woman got effected by ''friendly support'' by one of friends of hers. Seems she told they're using the surro and her friend laughted at her eys. I can hardly imagine the situation like this.. There are a lot of parents who can't have a child despite their eagerness to have children.
If the desire who want to have a children and who want to be a surrogate mother can be matched, it's a wonderful thing. I do know there is a lot of people who can't embrace the idea of the surrogate motherhood, but also there is a lot of people who support the idea. People who don't want to do this thing or don't want to be a surrogate mother, just don't do or be.
Are you being open with people around about you're using the surro to carry your baby? Are you getting support more than critical reviews? I'd really like to hear whether people are heartless worldwide, or this is just some bad episode.
What do you find the best about your journey? Are you close with your surro? Thanks if you have time to answer.
Hi there! I know how difficult this is. But you need to stay strong. The best place to start from is changing your routine, if you change your routine to healthy routine things will start to change. After that when you are ready, opt for a treatment which is best for your case. Good luck!
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