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long ttc, no baby( Lock Rss

Past is past. It is dead. If we stay in the past, we can never stay happy. We can learn from the history but regretting the recent actions is not something exceptional. Whatever happened in the past you are paying for it. This does not mean that you curse your life due to this. Stay hopeful, and think positive. Don't spoil your present and future for the dead past.
Hey, don't hold yourself responsible. It wasn't your fault. You did what was right at that time. I think you should visit a fertility specialist. He/she will help you in determining what the problem might be. This way you can possibly start a treatment. Technology has immensely improved and there are so many treatments available now. I think you should search about IUI and IVF. Both these treatments have proven to be highly successful for a lot of people. Even consult your doctor regarding these treatments. Best of luck to you. Honestly, don't blame yourself. I know it must be a hard time for you but its okay. Sending baby dust your way. All my warm prayers are with you.
Hi there, i can understand that you have no baby with hard life days feeling. It feels very odd without a baby. I hope one day you will have a baby and will live a good life. I'll suggest you not to waste your time in some useless clinics. I will say to go Ukraine BioTexCom and have a baby through surrogacy/IVF that you choose best for you. My best wishes are with you. smile
Hey Dear. How are you doing? I hope its all great. I am really glad you reached out. I know how hard it must be for you. don't worry things will get better. You don't have to blame yourself. Accidents do happen. I wish you get what you want. Please be strong. Take care and lots of love.
Hello darling. How are you? I hope you are well. I wish I could do something to help you out. I think you should keep trying, don't lose hope. Alongside I'd suggest consulting different doctors, get their opinion. It'll really help figure out the problem. Fertility treatments offer great help too. Normally I recommend surrogacy but I think you should look into IVF first. It usually doesn't work on the first attempt so don't let that bring you down. I'm sure the next few attempts. Don't lose hope. Take care. Lots of love.
I can totally understand what your situation because I've been through the same. TTC is a hard job and no one understands that. I am 40 years old and tried for 10 years. I went through so many rounds of IVF but I didn't work for me. I went into a phase of depression and then my therapist suggested me to go for surrogacy and now I have a 4-year-old son. Keep your faith strong and best of luck in your future! Prayers with you xx
Hi. how are you? hope you are enjoying good health. very sorry to hear about your problem . it is a difficult time. Don’t worry there are many solution to the problem. surrogacy is the best option. You should look into such method. All the best to you.
Hi, surrogacy has changed the life of many people. They are working on this thing for a long time. It has changed the life of people. Those who could not have their own children now have their own children. They are very much happy about it and he made the life of people easier here. I wish you all the best.
Hi there! I hope you're well. I know it can be tough. trying to conceive as a whole is very tough. However, you need to keep your hopes up and keep trying till success. What's great about this is that you're able to even conceive. Many people aren't. Myself for example. My lack of uterus makes it impossible for me to conceive. I think you should consider yourself lucky. Focus on this part. Don't lose hope. There are women who conceive even after more than three miscarriages. So stay calm. You can come here. And write everything that's on your mind. I wish you very best of luck. I hope that stays healthy and you heal faster from this grief. Much love
Hi Martha. Please dont blame yourself. Its all Nature's work. You will definitely get lucky one day. I want to tell you about my story. I have been married for 8 years now. I have a happy loving family. But the only thing I dont have is a baby. I have been trying to conceive for all these years of my marriage and now 2 years back i am told that i cant conceive. I am infertile. It was heartbreaking. I was waiting for some miracle but now i have decided to go for surrogacy. There is a clinic BioTexCom in Ukraine and I am now consulting them. They are very efficient and professional. All my queries have bean dealt with such patience. I will definitely recommend it for those who want to try surrogacy.
Hi, Sweety! just relax. You can be pregnant just try a few days more. if still not getting any chance then you should concern with proper medical care. because you have still chance to get pregnant. But it will take some time. Just trust yourself. You need to do the medical test then you will come to know the main issues. well, I think you can pregnant soon. smile
I can understand the feelings you are going through. Your life is not easy. You can try surrogacy. It is good. My friend went to a clinic in Ukraine. She had positive results so she went for it. I am so happy to see her now. This made her life great again and she is now living a perfectly normal life.
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