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TTC Anxiety Struggles Rss

Thanks everyone. I am VERY far from going the surrogacy route. It’s only been 6 months of TTC. I can’t have fertility testing done yet as I am only just out of 1 year since my last depot injection. My dr advised if we haven’t conceived by Christmas to go back and see her and then we can begin testing. I am quite relaxed this week, still doing yoga and feeling better.
Hi. Hope you are well. Sorry to hear about your struggles. You deserve to be a parent just like everyone. It's a shame that you had to go through all this. But its enough. You don't have to suffer more in your life. Take a decision and stick to it. Make up your mind. Opt for surrogacy or some other procedure. It feels so good to know that people who have struggled for so long are finally happy now. This will happen to you too. Share your experience with us here. Good luck.
Hello there. How are you? I hope you are well. Stay calm and strong. Modern technology is only easing our difficulties. It is sad to see that IVF and surrogacy are still considered bad. And also looked down upon. But in reality, they are a blessing in disguise. I hope all your difficulties decrease. I hope you live a happy life. Lots of love. Take care.
Hello there. How are you? Take care. Don't be worried. Youll be okay. Too much stress will only harm you. Lots of love.
Hey, I am doing well I hope so are you. I am extremely sorry to hear about your TTC journey. The treatment does tend to work best for PCOS however; you can still never be sure. I know so many people for whom the treatment worked only after their 1st cycle. I hope your friend’s second cycle turns out to be a success. It is very unpredictable so you can only pray and hope for the best. The clinic she is visiting is a renowned one so I am sure they will try helping her. Just tell her not to be too stressed out. I know it is easier said than done but anxiety and stress can really be an issue when trying to conceive. She should think positively that at least the embryo developed because for many it's the part where everything comes to a halt. I do understand that it can be even more frustrating as everything failed in the last part. However, keeping her positive is what is really important. However, I am sure the second cycle will work out. Sending baby dust her way. Best of luck to her.
I totally understand your frustration hun. But I advise you not to waste your energy over someone else's joy. I know you hold no offense or envy in a bad way. But it reminds me of how failed you are. I have been TTC for 9 years. It's not easy. I took therapy sessions for dealing with my anxiety attacks. You need to do so before it takes over your marriage. As for TTC, if you are trying more than 3 years with no luck then it's better to move to a better treatment. Good luck
hey dear. I understand its hard to conceive sometimes. hope everything gets better soon.ill pray for you. everything will be fine soon. no need to feel upset.. keep trying. it's not your fault. so there is no need to feel horrible. lots of love to you. sending you baby dust. try going to a doctor. he will guide you well. everything will fall into place at the right time. have patience.
Hy! Sorry to hear about what you are facing. It is really a hard thing. To conceive naturally is a wish of every woman. But you do not need to worry. Nowadays there many alternatives are here for getting a baby. Surrogacy and IVF are at the top of the list. But I recommend you to go for the surrogacy. Because the success rate of surrogacy is more than IVF. It is the safest way of getting a baby. I know it is really hard to decide about the surrogacy because it is new for you. But I really help. It completes the family. In some countries, it is banned. If you are living in that one then you can move to abroad for it. Ukraine is the best place for it. My all best wishes are with you.
hey dear. I know you are worried. pleases sane. stay postitive. it'll ease up thing for you. try doing welfare projects. it will give you happiness. sending you baby dust. ill pray for you.
hello there! I hope you are doing great. TTC is one of the hardest things a woman has to go through. and it is a painful process. I would suggest you go for Surrogacy. Surrogacy is really a blessing. Every infertile couple can get the baby of their own through surrogacy. I was a sportswoman and I had fatigue injury. My family was not accepting me. But my husband was supportive enough to help me out. We both wanted a baby badly. Then we went to Europe for the suggested clinic
It is sad to face all this at so young age. It is too difficult to stay ttc for so long. It is a genuine thing to feel stressed when you are not able to conceive for a long time. You but did the right thing. Instead of feeling stressed you moved to using the depot injections. It is really going to help you in the coming days. These injections are given along with the iron dosage. Taking the injection means that you were suffering from some kind of the uterine problems. There were some problems with your uterus so the doctor must have advised the depot injection. After the usage you must have felt that there is a reduction in the pelvic pain. If there were some extra growths in the uterine tissues it can be cured also. Depot injection is great at fighting with the fibroids. In general it fights with almost all the symptoms leading to the miscarriages and ultimately infertility. You are already fighting the problem successfully. You have switched to the remedy. I hope that you have a better future waiting for you.
Hey dear. You are really young and can have a baby easily. You may go for IUI or IVF after consulting an expert. The world is full of opportunities. You should try to conceive again. I will suggest to you that there are good clinics in Europe. You should consult there. Hope you will have good luck. Stay blessed and happy.
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