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Faint positive line - disappeared shortly after Rss

Hi ladies,
I hope you’re all well.
I’m very new to this smile

I have been ttc & have been feeling very off the last couple of weeks.
AF is only a few days late & I decided to test.
Very faint positive & when I looked at it 30 minutes later - it was gone.

Thoughts & advice?

Sam smile
Hi there. How is everything going? I hope its al great. I don't really know much since I am infertile. However, the signs look good. I hope its all goes the way you want. Keep trying. Good Luck.
Hi there! Stay positive.I'm bit confused about the signs that you're telling.But go consult your gynecologist.I really hope good things happen to you.Get checked.I hope everything turns out to be great for you. Good Luck.
There might be something wrong with the stick. Yous should check again. The first test is so confusing. I hope that it turns out to be a BFP for you. I really love to see happy people. I hope everything goes right for you. Keep us updated.
Hello.Welcome to hear.I think you have to again test or check your self.Sometimes, it could happen.Not a big problem, hope so you have better things.Keep your hopes high and positive.I had to know without children, life is nothing.Completely meaningless, no happiness and enjoyment.I will get my baby after 5 years.When I had this good news, I was so excited and taken the test to check.It's too much strange after 1 month past.I have to knew that I was pregnant.I cannot believe but this is the fact.Miracles are there.Just the thing required is to stay positive in every condition.God bless you.
Sammz_Xo we all are fine. What about you.? hope so you are also enjoying your life. Well congratulations that you are having TTC. As you have asked something about your dizziness. Well, it seems that you are ovulating. Because these symptoms show in your pregnancy. Dizziness because you take medicines. These medications affect your metabolism. But I am sure you are ovulating. Keep my suggestion in your mind that these symptoms are for pregnancy. Have a home test. Then inform us about what happens to you. try to make a test with your fresh urine at morning. Because this contains a high level of progesterone. Wish you good luck. smile smile
Hi, Summz! I see nothing strange about it. It's written in instruction to evaluate the result in 3-5 mins but not later than 10 min. If I got it right you turned back to the same test half an hour later. I guess this might play trick on you. Hope you're ok and heavily(lol) prego now! xx
Greetings, honey! I hope you're doing okay. As for your post well, haha, keep the faith. Good things take time. It's okay to be a little apprehensive. Advice is to stay positive. Not to lose hope at all. A lot of people get frustrated and give up. Later on, they regret this decision. I'd suggest you keep the efforts up. Get checked on a regular basis by your doctor. Get his/her opinion and trust them with the job. I'm sure it's nothing serious whatsoever. I hope it goes well. Good luck and good day! Here's to hoping you get a BFP, really soon! Sending you baby dust and love.
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